After glow

The Jon Stewart rally was yesterday. I can’t believe how many people were there and that we completely destroyed the cellular network.

I don’t have free access to Internet in our room and we’re planning on site seeing all day anyway. I’ll have to write more during the car ride home and when we get back.

According to this article there were 215,000 people at the rally. It only felt like 212,000 to me.

But even if the estimates are erred, and the estimates for Glenn Beck’s rally are off, this rally out populated his by 100,000 at least.

For the most part it was a cool, diverse crowd. There were white people galore, don’t get me wrong. But around us there were Muslims, Christians, atheists, black people, one Sikh, a definitive, over-50 crowd, trannies and lots of fun costumes.

There were tons of amazing signs. One of my favorites was “God hates FAQs”.

The amount of people was just stupefying. You’d never think that republicans were on their way to retake tons of political positions right now if that were a cross section of strictly liberals.

For the most part, I felt surrounded by a zillion passionate, smart Americans who care about the direction this country is headed and wanted to peacefully and intelligently show their support of it.

I got the feeling that no real news personality could have pulled it off. It was only the fact that a relatively smart, admitted entertainment duo put their brains together and made an open invitation to DC on their little Comedy Central TV shows.

I stood proud yesterday among that group, despite being extremely uncomfortable and Tina almost passed out. We stood in an inopportune spot on 7th street (or ave?) where several ambulances pushed us around about 10 times and large groups of people traversed the width of the mall searching for a better place to stand.

I felt many times like I could have been the guy who started the riot that made us all look violent and awful. But we didn’t break. We stood proud together.

And I’m thrilled to have been a part of such a potentially historic and significant event.

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