An afternoon joke: Fondling in Bed

For all of you afternoon jokesters, I thought this one was pretty funny. You may have to click to enlarge. When you’re doing it, think dirrrty thoughts.

Who writes “dirrrty” anymore? Lame.Via Reddit



Illini Secular Student Alliance Has New Bus Ads!

Over at Skeptic Money, Phil Ferguson writes:

One of the largest and most influential secular student groups in the world has done it again. Illini Secular Student Alliance (ISSA) has launched a new advertising campaign.  They are promoting the idea that you can be, “Good without god”. They will be displayed on 5 buses in Champaign-Urbana, starting around November 1st.  These ads were paid for in part by the Secular Student AllianceChampaign Urbana Freethinkers and people like you.  If they can get more funding they will run more.  This is a chance for you to step up and make a difference.  Go to their donation page and send them some money.

Here are a couple examples (below). I know people who think Bill Gates is leftist and gives away money because he feels guilty. Gosh, think of that. A left-leaning individual who wants to do good in the world is criticized.

Go say hola and tell those kids how cool they are.

DJ gave us nightmares again

About a week ago, a “friend” posted a video of a little person kid lip syncing to the Usher song “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love Again.”

I watched the video at the time, and I’ve heard the song since.

Last night, I had nightmares about the video my “friend” posted. And now I want you to have nightmares. I’m posting this mother fucker.

Watch it! If you don’t have nightmares in seven days, consider it a … miracle!