Facebook and the Yeshua Fog™, still getting medieval, hell, getting biblical, and loving it

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Come on, kids. You love facebook. Admit it. You have access to people you never thought possible. You are friends again with people whom you forgot existed.  They were in your kindergarten class, and now you’re friends again.

How quaint.

How neat.

How amazing.

What a miracle.

When you see that box that says, “What’s on your mind?” you start to freak out a little. The little box wants to know what’s on your mind.

“Okay, I’ll tell you!” you say out loud. Looking around to see if anyone heard you.

Tell the box. Go ahead. Tell the fucking box!

You lie in bed at night, and a cursor blinks in your mind’s eye. “What’s on your mind?” the little box asks over and over. You can’t shut the box up. It nags you.

You rise from bed, march over to your computer, and you type up something that’s on your mind. The facebook box wants to know! It needs to know! You pound the keyboard with gusto. With determination. You don your black, leather gloves, and a public flogging is just a mouse click away.

Sweet dreams are just an UPDATE away.

You hover your mouse over “SHARE.” You pause. You skim over what you wrote. You don’t see full phrases, just words. “man” “walks out” “family” “feel like a man?” “child support,” “feel like a man?” “alimony,” … “still feel like a man?”

You press “SHARE” so all your 455 friends can see what is on your mind.

So you tell it, and out from the grave pops a zombie. Out from the netherworld comes a demon. Out from insanity, comes a devil. Out from retirement, a public flogging comes forth. From biblical times, a former friend is verbally stoned to death. All because crazy can’t take a back seat to facebook. Crazy called shotgun and He wants to drive.

Check out this facebook update I was sent recently (the update in question is “Jennifer”. Instead of responding in the thread, Ashley thoughtfully crafted her response on the wall itself):


I’m not friends with the woman who left the status update. I defriended her back when I made the distinction between facebook “friends” and people I knew in my past whom I have nothing in common with otherwise.

Boy do I regret that decision. With friends like her, who would need friends?

With believers giving her positive feedback, who needs Christianity? Who throws the first stone? The above is only a small portion of the responses. People ripped into the ex-husband. He’s a sinner, and needed a public flogging. Humiliate him. Embarrass him. He deserves it! He needed to pounded by rocks thrown at his half-buried body.

His side of the story is unnecessary. His side of the story is the opposite. Who is the evil one here? Wouldn’t it be somewhere in the middle? What kind of person supports people behaving like this in public?

Where is the person who piped up and said, “Hey, this isn’t what Jesus would do.”

Why would turn-the-other cheek believers behave like this? Aren’t they transformed in the blood? Aren’t they matured in His mercy? Aren’t they full of grace through His power?

Facebook is good for a few things, especially seeing how your friend Bobby is getting along in Farmville. Apparently, it’s also good for getting medieval on your ex-spouse.

I was astounded by this public flogging, and I condemn it. That’s why I’m posting it on my blog. It’s hypocritical to add to another public flogging, right?

Well, call me a hypocrite.



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