Tron Legacy: New Trailer … I can’t flipping wait!

When I was a pre-teen, my brother and I made up a game called, “Disks of Tron.” We stood on opposite sides of the road in roughly the same amount of grass. There was little to no traffic on our street. The rules were inspired from the movie. We threw a frisbee back and forth. If the frisbee landed in your patch of grass, and you didn’t catch it, you’d have a point against you. If you threw the frisbee and it landed outside the grass, there was a point against.

If you reached for the frisbee and dropped it after touching it, you’d give up points.

If the frisbee landed in the street, lost points.

It was a great game.

Jon and I sat at dinner some nights, legs twitching while eating. And when we were finished, and we could be excused, we’d yell, “Disks of Tron,” run out to the front yard and play for hours.


3 thoughts on “Tron Legacy: New Trailer … I can’t flipping wait!

  1. Disks of Tron was also a great arcade game. You went into this booth and it was dark, you inserted your credit and a speaker voice prompted, “Welcome Program!”. On screen popped up your blue “Tron” character surrounded by various concentric data circles. In front of you the red “Sark” character surrounded by the same data circles. The graphics were amazing in a non-Atari-at-all way! Then the disk tossing began. I can’t tell you how many quarters I spent immersed in that game, it was brilliant!
    I posted the trailer on my fb page without seeing your post. I got the trailer from Gizmodo and the writer had a “warning” for Disney: “By the way, Disney, this movie better be good or I will kidnap Mickey, drown him in gasoline and torch that bloody rat. ” End of line…

  2. In the early days of the game, you didn�t have to be a person�s MySpace friend to be added to their Mafia, but this changed around July/August of 2008

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