NASCAR Drivers hate destitute children

I’m on my iPhone and I’m not going to be able to expand as much as I’d like to on this one.

A facebook “friend” posted this article about the faith of NASCAR drivers. Apparently they are the only “sport” who still have fans and “athletes” (?) who still live in the dark ages.

I’m not good at code, so here’s the link:

The article is poorly written, for one.

The Writer’s voice is whiny and ridiculous. There’s a part where he says something like, “In an age when legislators are fighting to keep prayer out of public schools …”

Come on. Boo hoo, there shouldn’t be prayer in PUBLIC schools. Even Jesus didn’t want you to pray in fucking public. What makes a school a place for it?

Keep it private where Jesus wants it!

Secondly, the writer plays up all these wealthy racing “athletes” who pray and make deals with Jesus to win a race driving a car worth more in sponsorships than everyone on my block makes in five years.

When a man admits to praying to win a race on TV, it shows how much he hates poor children all over the world.

These people pray and experience some sort of pleasure from it, because their lives of luxury already lean toward a high spiritual R.O.I.

But what about all the children in third world countries praying with every ounce of faith for a meal, or medicine, or a damn roll of toilet paper.

For every asshole screaming about needing more prayer, bragging about how great prayer works where people are already surrounded by more money than most people will ever know, they should think about how much of an embarrassment they are to society.

How do these people sleep at night. How awful.

There is so much wrong with what’s happening in that article. I’ll try to return to it after I get done with this week.

I blame my iPhone for all grammar and spelling issues while I’m away. When I’m not on my phone, I blame your education when you find things wrong with my writing!


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