77th Street Subway Line 6

I don’t know how to write that we were at this subway station. There certainly must be an insider’s guide to NY nomenclature.

But I loved these to shots I grabbed with my fisheye.

We ended up meeting a sweet photographer on the platform who just finished shooting some artsy fartsy event. She dropped the name of some artist whom I’d never heard of before.

If you look closely, there’s a guy on the other side who posed for the photo. He’s walking like an Egyptian. (click to enlarge both photographs).

I heart NYC.

NonStampCollector sings the hits

Oh la la, what a great one!

Notes from the YouTube page below:

See below for footnotes.~~~ So here I go again, addressing the absurd claim that Nazi atrocities are inextricably linked to atheism.

The script of this video is at http://www.nonstampcollector.com/hitl…
Several others are at nonstampcollector.com/main

Maybe Hitler was indeed an atheist. I don’t know. Who can? But given what he said on the subject throughout his whole life, I’d find that position pretty hard to defend. And what it had to do with his evil acts… well you get the idea of what I think of that argument.

Astute viewers will notice that throughout the movie I don’t blame Hitler’s actions upon his being a Christian. Indeed — was he a Christian?! Some may differ with me on this, but I say No, he wasn’t. Not in any practical sense of the label.

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