Cool shot of Tina beans

Here’s a shot I took in the hotel room while we were in NYC a couple days ago. The lighting in the room was cool to look at, but it made it impossible to find stuff, especially when I was traveling with a ton of equipment.

Steve P. commented on another post about how cool the bathroom is. It was cool, but look how close the toilet is from the bed. That’s not all that cool.

Hey you, here’s me.

A friend of mine shot this photo on his iPhone of me today while I was shooting his brother’s wedding. I thought it was cool.

Here’s one of my favorite shots from the day. It’s my favorite, because I haven’t even had a chance to get through the film yet. This was one that I could get to pretty easily.

I really like the shot a lot. The couple is absolutely freezing their asses off. But I love the way the veil is blowing in the wind, and the sky is blue, and the building is cool.