Tina Fey, idiots, death threats and YOU

Last night, I posted about Tina Fey. She’s great. I love her. You love her. People love her. She deserves success. Enough said?


A blogger named 204 trolled over and said that “Tina Fey is human scum. I’m a democrat, and this isn’t about politics. She is an evil, horrible person.”

This blogger explained that he learned some hearsay about Fey’s move to the top because he grew up where she grew up,. 204 doesn’t think that she played nicely in the sandbox.


What person in business, especially show business, got where they are by being nice?

I called 204 an idiot. I’m pompous like that.

I tend not to click on other bloggers’ blog links when they troll over to Le Café looking for cheap hits on their mediocre blogs. Make no mistake, I don’t think this blog is anything out of the ordinary. But I don’t leave comments on other people’s blogs because I’m trolling for hits either.

And, yes, 204, remarking for the first time on a blog that the topic is a piece of shit is trolling. Perhaps if you would have taken the time to make your case, it would have appeared a lot less like you weren’t stepping on a few heads to get more recognition (isn’t that what you criticized Fey for?).

My point is not to bash 204. It’s to expose one of 204’s readers and another blogger named Jonolan.

Jonolan comments here from time to time. He prides himself as a sort of polytheistic freak. He has this hilariously juvenile icon (right). What is that? I mean, is he trying to say, “I came out of a Japanese  horror movie. I’m scary. Roar!”

While Jonolan’s little halloween mask isn’t scary in any way, what he writes might change your mind.

In a post called, “Remember We’re Watching,” Jonolan positions himself among politicians’ worst nightmares. Not only does Jonolan make death threats toward newly-elected Republicans, but Jonolan makes death threats to these politicians’ families. Don’t take my word from it.

Read it from the centaur’s mouth (second paragraph emphasis added):

There is a lot anger in the hearts of the American people, and rightfully so given that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, along with their coterie of anti-American Liberals, chose to attempt to rule rather than govern by the consent of the People. But the anger that has been seen so far is as nothing compared to what will likely be seen if the GOP mistakes their electoral victories for a mandate and lives down to their reputation.

They really need to remember that they are mortal, as are their kin. They really need to remember that they are “touchable,” as are their kin. No security measures are foolproof and nobody can watch every rooftop and/or every line of sight, especially in this day and age when 2000m shots are doable, at a stretch, with civilian-accessible weaponry.

If they remember that we, the People are watching them and act accordingly, all will be well. If they don’t, things might go poorly for them and/or their kin. There’s enough anger right now that betrayal would be all it took to spark some people off – and who, all things being considered, could truly say that they didn’t understand the sentiments involved?

Make no mistake that, as thinly veiled as this writing seems, these are death threats. This is what happens when Crazy calls shotgun and also wants to drive. Only in this case, Crazy literally means picking up a shotgun and threatening not only politicians but their “kin”.

These thoughts are formulated to the point of accuracy. These are premeditated ideas. Even in jest, they should be taken seriously.

I’m appalled by this. I feel passionate about a lot of issues. But the expression of imposing violence is not in my vocabulary. And in this country, death threats from people who prance around in morbid Halloween masks should not only be exposed, but reported. These people must be marginalized and left out of the conversation.

Unnecessary threats of violence is why people can’t have nice things.

For republicans, guys like Jonolan are perpetuating an already awful stereotype that republicans = violence. He’s positioned himself as a terrorist. And I, for one, stand up and say, “For the sake of your party association, for the sake of America, and for the sake of all that’s moral and good, stop. Use your voice. Use your good will. Use every talent you might have. But stay away from violence. Please. With sugar on top.”

Below the fold is a screen cap of Jonolan’s post.

10 thoughts on “Tina Fey, idiots, death threats and YOU

  1. Thanks for the publicity. 🙂

    I think you’ll find though that stating that something might happen doesn’t meet the standard for being a threat.

    We are in agreement on one thing; we each believe the other must be marginalized and left out of the conversation.

    1. Petursey,

      A few questions:

      Do you think the GOP will do what the voters want or do you think they’ll live down to their reputation?

      Do you deny that there’s a lot of anger right now?

      Do you doubt that, if betrayed, someone on the Right ( Jeremy thinks it might be me 😉 ) might just go ballistic?

      Do you doubt that many others, while not favoring that action, would understand why it happened?

  2. No I just think ” Right is Retarded” and smile (ok grimace and gnash teeth) at how stupid and easily manipulated “conservatives” of all types are ….

  3. The greatest current irony is the steady traffic your post is generating for my site. 😉

    I claim it ironic because you whined about trolls “looking for cheap hits” on their blogs and I only bother to put a link to mine in my comments because I loath people who don’t do so, thinking of them as anonymous “drive by” trolls.

    1. You’re welcome.

      I expect you to include a link to your blog. And I expect people to find out for themselves what things are all about.

      I haven’t noticed that you were getting good hits from my stats counter though.

      Good for you.

      1. You know, despite the difference in our beliefs and loyalties, it amazes me how much we agree upon.

        We will always be enemies, of that there is little or no doubt, but I think you’re the rare enemy that I could actually respect.

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