Audio from the Hitchens/Dembski Debate

Just a quick repost from Hemant Mehta‘s Friendly Atheist:

Did you miss the Christopher Hitchens/William Dembski debate yesterday?

Reader Chuck was nice enough to make an MP3 audio recording from the live video feed, and you candownload it here. There are a few “breaks” in the audio thanks to the poor feed, but it’s pretty decent quality.

The “official” recording should be on the church’s website sometime next week.


The next time you shower, dry your face with a huge hairy scrotal sack

True Clean Towel has a message for you. Do not dry your face with the same towel you dried your balls or your vagina. Your vagina and your balls are filthy dirty bacteria-laden body parts.

You are not safe. Do not leave your house. Do not dial 911. Do not shake another person’s hands. The world will kill you. Microscopic evils will kill you.

This video is not safe for work.

In other news, are you aware what images are on the Internet that show private parts that aren’t in any way amazing or pornographic?

When I write posts, I have a service that allows me to choose from images that are public domain. I’m worried I’m going to offend some sensitive readers so I’ll leave it up to you to google this.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the images I can pull from the Internet and post here should I choose.






Saturday Sermon: Giving props where props are due

This morning, I wondered over to John Loftus‘ blog, “Debunking Christianity” and I enjoyed one post I read.

Many of you know my feelings about Loftus were dashed earlier this year. In February, I invested into attending the debate between John Loftus and Dinesh D’Souza. Before renting a car, driving three hours to attend and putting myself up in a hotel, I followed Loftus’ blog religiously (honk), and I was incredibly excited to see someone I looked up to stand up to and possibly demolish a believer in debate.

I had high hopes, and like many skeptics pointed out, Loftus failed. D’Souza trounced Loftus, and I drove home from Champaign, Illinois in a rented SMART Car in a crazy snow storm with my tail between my legs.

When I got back, I lambasted Loftus on this blog, and he wrote me off at his. He even said that I masterminded influencing students to criticize him too. As if they didn’t have a mind for themselves.

Here I am dragging Loftus through the mud. I feel badly for it, but I am not at peace, and my therapist says I should keep beating the dead horse until I can’t stand the wretched carcass stink any longer.  Continue reading “Saturday Sermon: Giving props where props are due”