Pastor who says Facebook promotes infidelity steps down after admitting to three-way with wife and male assistant

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Pastors really should try to keep their mouths shut and their pants on.

Don’t you think?

NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP, N.J. – A New Jersey pastor who believes Facebook leads to infidelity has offered to step down over a past affair that involved a three-way sexual relationship with his wife and a male church assistant.

Pastor Cedric Miller spoke to his flock at Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune Township for about an hour on Sunday.

His sermon came days after the Asbury Park Press reported the 48-year-old testified in 2003 that he had a threesome with his wife and the male assistant 10 years ago.

Miller apologized for what he said was a foolish transgression from his past. He offered to step down as senior minister if church leaders found him unfit to serve.

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Quote of the minute

“God selects countries. That’s why they say ‘God bless America.’ The earth is billions of years old and the US is 250 years old … And that’s when God decided to choose a team.”

– Jim Jeffries. Quote isn’t exact. It’s from this clip here.

Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason

I would like to associate myself among the atheists and lovers of science who criticize these videos (below). I’m not sure who they are targeting, but I would rather see a compilation of great quotes within videos from all these people. AutoTuning the vocals muddies the messages to an occasional indecipherability.

You may agree these are great. When you do stuff like this, people who disagree view it as if we’re trying to polish a turd. At least, that’s what I would think if I saw something similar from a religionista.

Just sayin.

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It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the closest Chicago’s going to get to an Indian (Native American?) Summer. It was a balmy 60 something degrees. Yes, it was rainy, but all I needed was a light sweater outside.

Today it’s 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Tomorrow it’ll likely snow.

Whachew got in your neck of the woods?