Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Just a quick Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a wee change of plans.

Apparently ignorance reigned supreme about Talulah’s breed, and despite offering to crate her the entire day by our family’s house, they still wouldn’t have her. It kicked Tina and I in the pants. How could crating a dog be of any concern to anyone, I don’t know. We reached out to no avail. I’m struggling with great feelings of disrespect. I don’t work with Talulah as hard as I do to have people concern themselves over whether she’s a threat to their welfare.

Sweet Schadenfreude prevailed though. While Tina and I were at the gym, a dog show was on TV, and a pit bull (we should say “American Straffordshire Terrier”) won the terrier group and a boxer won its division. They talked about how awesome these dogs are to have for families, and we just happen to have a mix of both amazing breeds.

So Tina and I are making dinner for Michael, Jason and the two of us. I’ll snag some shots. I’m roasting a chicken with vegetables. I’m making some sweet-ass sweet potatoes, and Tina’s making a kickass salad with roasted beets and goat cheese.

Happy Turkey Day!