The Po Po came a knockin’

Thirty minutes ago, there was a knock at the backdoor. I got up and a cop was peering through the window.

“Shit,” I thought. Tina, “Hide the blow!”


I opened the door and the guy held out a GPS device and asked me if it was mine. “Yes,” I said. “What’s going on?”

In a nutshell, we had to keep our back gate open today because a handyman was working on one of the units. I must have left our car doors unlocked, and my excellent neighbor Gerry from next door spotted a guy poking around in our gate and he opened our car doors.

Gerry called the cops and held the guy (not physically) until the cops showed up. I’m an idiot for leaving the car doors unlocked, but my neighbor is a goddamn hero. The cops in my neighborhood are doing really well lately. Their presence is very heavy, and Tina and I appreciate it.

Especially when just last night, I had a panic attack that someone had broken in our place. I had to turn on lights and walk around the house with my water bottle as a weapon. It was all because yesterday (Thanksgiving) a man rang our bell. I looked out the window and it was a guy with a clipboard. I grabbed Talulah and went all the way downstairs to see what he was up to.

He said he was from the company that supplies the gas company with oil called “Just Energy“. I said, “Okay.” He’d like to offer me a better rate on our gas bills. I told him I was kneedeep in Thanksgiving prep, and it was odd that he would be doing this on a holiday.

He tried to get my name, and I wouldn’t tell him. I was suspicious he was pulling a Home Alone, that he was looking for people who he could pinpoint were away for Thanksgiving so he could break in to their places.

Last night, I thought I heard footsteps in the house, which drives me nuts. Usually I check to see if Zoe is around. If she’s out that means nothing is wrong. Even after I saw her, I still doubted it. My mind is an evil place some times.

There was no one there, but there was someone trying to break into our car today.

Wouldn’t you know, I’d be thankful for so much more even the day after Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was quaint, loving and very thankful. We had a great time with Michael, Jason and Talulah. We played a little Wii after dinner, and the guys went home around 9.

I roasted a 4.25 lb. chicken with roasted potatoes, onions, carrots and garlic. It’s a variation of this recipe here. The chicken was stuffed with a cup of mixed herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage and parsley) salt, pepper and two lemons halved. Of course I buttered the entire outside and salted and peppered it. The bird browned to perfection.  I also made a smashed sweet potato dish with lime and whipping cream. So good.

Michael made some brussels sprouts and we had some crackers and brie. Tina made a salad with roasted beets and goat cheese.

Here are some photos I took (click to embiggen):

A Thanksgiving Day Tale from Gavi and Ezra

This is way cute and worth a watch.

From the filmmaker:

For the third year in a row I’ve collaborated with my nephews – now 5 & 8 – to produce a movie to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. This year we filmed on location, choreographed fight sequences, and nearly froze some toes as we created “Gavi & Ezra’s Thanksgiving Tale.” We hope you enjoy it!