Pixar, for Pete’s sake … quit with the sap

Last night, Tina and I redboxed Toy Story 3. We love Pixar animations, and do what we can not to miss one of their movies.

The story was okay. If I watch the movie again, I would only do it to listen to it and to watch some of the scenes with the densest art.

Visually the movie was stunning. It was nothing short of amazing.

We got the Blu-ray version, because with animations, Blu-ray quality is worth it. I’m not convinced that all movies should be watched on Blu-ray. It helps when movies are mega-engineered in post (e.g. action films), but run-of-the-mill dramas or chick flicks aren’t worth the higher price tag.

I’ve found that most of the audience who enjoy the latter don’t give two shits about quality.

So if you enjoy Pixar movies or have kids running around, Toy Story 3 is definitely worth a watch. And Blu-ray is worth considering.

That’s all I’m going to say in a general sense about the movie.


I have one message for Pixar, and it’s: “Stop trying to bring your audience to tears in every goddamn movie.”

People who know me, know I cry when a movie is so overwhelmingly great in a scene (sound engineering, music, editing, picture, etc.) that I’ll literally drop croc tears. This isn’t want I’m talking about.

There’s a scene during the denouement of Toy Story 3 in which the characters try really hard to make the audience cry. And they fucking succeed.

We get it. It’s possible to have an animation cause tears. UP should have been the last foray into making your audience cry like abused animals. If I watch animation, it’s because I want to experience every emotion except crying.

But if you think about it, Pixar does it in lots of movies, and I’ve had it to here.

Was it Brad Bird’s influence that brought this trend to Pixar? He proved he could do it in The Iron Giant.

Or maybe I’m the one who must change his perception of animations and what they are good for. Maybe animations need to blur the line of what they have been traditionally. They ask the question, “Do audiences need real actors to induce the variety of emotions movies can bring, including crying?”

Obviously not. If you had dry eyes in UP, you need to get your brain scanned. If you had dry eyes in Toy Story 3, it’s not as big of a deal. Maybe your childhood sucked and you just need to get a brain checkup.

What’s the last movie you watched that brought you to tears? What’s the last movie you watched?

Jeez, I can’t remember the last time I went to the theater. Humph.


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