The State’s Attorney office called me

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Last week, a guy broke into our unlocked car and was about to steal our piece of shit GPS device, when my alert neighbor Gerry saw him from inside his apartment and tried to chase him away. When the perp didn’t run off by Gerry’s nearby presence, Gerry called the cops and held him until they arrived. Here’s my original post.

Apparently the court case is moving forward and I was requested to be at a hearing this Friday at 1:30, which I’m not going to make, because of a previously scheduled photography job.

The representative from the State’s Attorney office is a super cool, professional lady named Rosie Perez. Actually, I don’t think her name is Rosie Perez, but I’m going to call her that, because it makes her sound even cooler.

I’m not sure what’s in the water right now, but I didn’t tell you that on Saturday night, I was off to run an errand in our car when I discovered I forgot the RedBox Movie we rented. I drove back home and called Tina to throw the movie down. We have a great system where we put stuff in plastic bags and throw them out the windows or off the porch when one of us doesn’t feel like hiking three flights of stairs.

As I’m driving up, I notice five kids milling around the grass behind our place. It was dark, and it’s not an uncommon sight to see kids cutting through the park back there.

I pulled into our gated area and didn’t think too much of the kids. Tina was waiting for me on the porch, and she dropped the RedBox movie down in a blue Gap bag. It fluttered to my hands, and I heard the sounds of rocks hitting around me. I looked up and told Tina thanks, and a couple more pebbles hit into the fence and around my car.

I put two and two together and turned to those kids in the grass and yelled, “Get the FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! What’ are you trying to do?!?”

Man, I was pissed. I’m not sure telling them to scram was the right choice. They were no older than 12. But I didn’t want them throwing another stone at me and hitting the car or the place where Goliath was hit that brought him down to the ground.

As I was yelling at them, one of the kids turns around and screams, “Sorry!!!”

As if that made it all better.

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