David Silverman vs. Megyn Kelly Over Christmas Billboard

I was just re-watching this interview (below) with David Silverman and Megyn Kelly over the myth billboards in Jersey … because it’s all over the internets. And I responded out loud a few times, like I usually do when I’m watching this kind of thing. Kelly asks (not verbatim), “Why have people come out of the closet? What harm is it?”

Isn’t the ninth goddamn commandment interpreted often as “Do not lie”? Isn’t this a lie to self if you’re not telling others that you don’t believe?

What’s this shit about people committing adultery if they think about it? So if you think you don’t believe and you tell someone you’re  a Christian … you’re breaking the goddamn commandments.

I’m using goddamn because it’s a commandment not to take the lord’s name in vain, and people are taught that “goddamn” is a vanity theft.

Anyway, watch the interview again, too, if you want.

Pope Mohammed and the Delicate Children of Africa

You’re riding down the street in Pope Mohammed’s Pope Mohammed Mobile, and he’s jibber jabbering your ears off about faith, a nomad named Abram — whom you’re supposed to look up to by the way — and something about mustard.

Your stomach growls. The craving of the day is french fries cooked in truffle oil … dipped in mustard.

You scratch your head and ask yourself why this man of great faith needs four-inch thick bulletproof glass protecting him.

“Did you know,” says Pope Mohammed, “that if you wash your hair with a product from one haircare manufacturer and condition with one from another haircare manufacturer, a child in Africa will be born with AIDs and get malaria the next day?”

You look at Pope Mohammed who is damned sure of the words coming from his mouth and he’s also damned sure to pick the booger lodged deep in his right nostril.

Pope Mohammed keeps talking. You listen. “Did you know … that if you wash your hair with VO5 shampoo, condition with Suave and then wash your face with Irish Spring soap and get it mixed in with your hair, a child in Africa will die?”

The hum of the motor seems louder the longer there is silence between you. You finger the glass thinking of truffle oil french fries … and now dead African babies.


Blog and news links of the day

So I’m reading other blogs this morning kicking myself because I haven’t been talking about all the cool stories as much as I should.

Hemant Mehta has been on a roll lately. Here are a couple stories he’s touched on that you should read (if you haven’t already). I would just go over to his blog and read between:

The stupid burns brightly this time of year, eh.

PZ Myers tackled the Creation Museum and that the state of Kentucky is subsidizing the build with $37,000,000 to line Ken Ham‘s con artist pockets.

Jerry Coyne gets his panties wadded up over the National Center for Science Education reaching out to religionistas. Read his post:

The Atheist Media Blog says Fort Worthians are getting pissed off while local atheists advertise that people can be good without god. They collectively stomp their feet and scream, “NO THEY CAN’T, MOMMY!!!”

Theoretical astrophysicist Ethan Siegel tackles an excellent question in an approachable way. He writes:

Go see Julie at Attempts at Rational Behavior if you haven’t been over there lately. Just go.

And finally, Joe My God posted “The Best Speech Of Today’s Civil Unions Debate In The Illinois State Senate”

Above: Talulah’s throwing you a freaking bone. She’s the boss. She’s giving you the info.


Zoe has been blog neglected

Since I’ve been posting so many pictures of Talulah, Zoe gave me a meow full. She told me I better post some shots of her or those sweet-ass things I call eyes are going to be her middle-of-the-night snack.

She’s a mafia godmother.

Here’s one I took last night.