I feel like … a nice dinner tonight

Tonight I remade a recipe of scallops with butternut squash. I don’t feel like writing out the recipe right now, but I have to post the picture of dinner.

It was probably the best dinner I’ve made in recent memory.

Perhaps the measure of success might me … I don’t want to brush my teeth ever, because the flavors were so amazing.

One of Eight Easy Ways to get Rich

Want to get rich? I know you do!

I found the answer for you.

I saw this at Reddit (link). The first comment, which I applaud is:

Needless to say, I’m an atheist, but I am also a former Pastor.

Even when I was religious and a leader of a congregation, such salaries were not only disgusting, but offensive.


David Silverman vs. Fox News Panel

Wow. I just finished watching this video (below) of David Silverman on a FOX News show panel. He holds his own, and he embarrasses the ignorance of all four of the other people.

Silverman makes a lot of good points, namely that there are signs EVERYWHERE, telling people they will spend eternity in hell if they do not follow Jesus. If you don’t see them, you’re driving with your eyes closed. I’d appreciate if you let me know where you live so I can avoid those areas like the plague.

The Christian church in its many forms reigns supreme in this country. Atheist signs are few and far between compared to the religious torture I have to endure just to drive down the road.

Atheist is not a bad word. I’ve never met a Christian face to face that I couldn’t have a conversation with.

One of the great moments about the video is when Silverman asks the woman in pink if he shouldn’t be offended if he sees a sign that says “Atheists are going to hell.” There’s a priceless pregnant pause.

Silverman did almost as well as when Christopher Hitchens sat on the panel of Christians at the Christian book expo. He slaughtered every single one of them.

Kudos to Silverman.


Running and running …

So I spent my morning responding to another crazy north westerner named Justin so there will be no new posts (apart from this one) until I get back this afternoon from another shoot. He’s not the Pullman Wa, baby, wah wah Justin from long ago.

He’s a new Justin, with the same old take on Van Til … no one understands Van Til unless you’re a Christian … which basically means Christians admit how much of a failure Van Til is. If no one understands him except a believer, what’s the point?

I clearly showed how astute I am not in my review. Clearly. I would love you to point out my failures, too. It’s fun.

How people, like new Justin, spend so much time arguing about a book that they clearly haven’t read, I don’t know. He ripped out of the gate clearly showing he hasn’t read Van Til’s “Why I believe in god,” and then demonstrates over and over ad nauseam that he hasn’t picked up the 16 pages of complete nonsense.

Van Til clearly establishes that he suffered from aural hallucinations and lived in a fantasy land.

I have to run out the door with camera in tow. If it’s snowing by you, go play outside. It’s like nature is dressing the world in a wedding dress and it’s your job to rip it up and pour mud all over it.