I smell a new event at the next winter Olympics

If there’s a new event at the next Winter Olympics, it’ll likely be “Makeshift Bungee Jumping from Dilapidated old Buildings.”

And these kids will be the proud originators of the event. The Darwin Awards for 2010 have found their victor.

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A New Day Cambodia

On facebook, a friend said she met the guy who runs an organization called, “A New Day Cambodia.” It is “a non-profit organization providing shelter, food and education to Cambodia’s garbage dump scavenger children.”

How awesome is that?

Now that is a worthy cause, and one I could get behind.

Another one would be raising awareness about the Christian woman in Pakistan who is under threat of the death penalty for blasphemy. When will the religious wars be over. It can’t be a crime to blaspheme as all religions bring the crazy.

I get pissed off at the bullshit. And when innocent kids or women are involved, it gets my ire up even more.

What can we do to join hands against poverty and despicable behaviors throughout the world?


Speaking of cooking

If you were downtrodden after reading my last post, here’s a pick-me-up! How about recipes that I’ve had success with!

These are not the greatest photos, but I can recommend the recipes. I’ve recommended this first one before. But if you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly recommend it. It’s perfect for warming up on these cold days. In Chicago, it’s been 0 degrees with windchill, and the heat never seems to go off.

The first image is for Spicy Tortilla Soup. It’s really fast to make. Here’s the online recipe. We do a slight variation of it. But for the most part, this is a great base to start from.

One thing we do is use regular tortilla chips (instead of baking soft tortillas). Don’t skip the feta cheese. I usually leave the jalapeño seeds in. Bring the heat.

Note: This isn’t my favorite photo in the world, but taking pictures reminds me to tell you about it later.


The second recipe I’ll put below the fold to avoid filling up my home page.

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The Disaster Cookbook

The conversation is continuing over at Le Café about page. And I’m thrilled really. David has been entertaining us with his bizarre Catholic views.

David tells us,

“And what has become apparent, seeing how broken and hurting our world is, is that forgetting God, and doing things our way, is a recipe for failure.”

There you have it. The world is broken and hurting, and forgetting god is the recipe for failure.

Let’s see. What is the recipe for success? What’s the flip side?

Naturally, the flip side would be “Remembering god would be the recipe for success.” David says that includes following the ten commandments, which say don’t covet, steal or murder.

Remembering god also means reminding ourselves what god said when his expert memorizers — according to David — wrote down Jesus’ (or god’s) own words verbatim (in King’s English!) into the bible.

The ten commandments say, don’t kill. But Jesus said (and I quote from Matthew 10):

34 “Do not think that I came to bring peace to the earth. I didn’t come to bring peace. I came to bring a sword. 35 I have come to turn
” ‘sons against their fathers.
Daughters will refuse to obey their mothers.
Daughters-in-law will be against their mothers-in-law.

36 A man’s enemies will be the members of his own family.’

And when you bring a sword to someone, what do you do? You give them a spanking with the fat end? Nooooooo!

You kill them! What happens when you kill another person? You steal what does not belong to you. Jesus wants you to break two commandments … and for what … FOR SUCCESS!!!

Yay! Killing and stealing is FUN!

David, by his own admission, tells us that the recipe for success is following/remembering/doing what Jesus taught. Jesus taught that your enemies are your own families. And yet, there isn’t one of you that wants this for real. Right? You don’t want your brother or your dad killing you right? That would kinda suck.

Christians don’t believe what Jesus wrote. And I’m flipping stoked that they don’t.If they did, many Christians would be put in jail, because we have rules and regulations for murder and theft that supersedes Jesus’ commandments.

Frankly, I don’t want Christians following Christ’s commandments anymore than Christians themselves. I’d rather spend Christmas with my family in their home, not sitting across from separated by glass at the state penitentiary.

We can all agree, in this case, that the recipe for success is not biblical or spoken by Jesus/God/or the Holy Ruach (the sword ghost).

Score one for the secular kids!