Christian Pickup Lines

This is so funny that it can’t be for real. “You are adorable. I want to meet you. What’s your name?”

I hate to break the bad news, but if you’re taking advice from this guy, you have more problems than picking up women.

From the YouTube page:

Pure Attraction serves Christian men by giving them practical tools and inspiring them to be their most authentically confident and attractive self.


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An open letter to Calumet Photography

Dear Calumet Photography in Chicago,

I thank you for being having a local presence for Chicagoland photographers. Sometimes I visit your store when I need things in a pinch.

But for the most part, I avoid shopping at Calumet. I would much rather shop and ship everything — from sandbags to C stands  — at B&H Photo in NYC.

I stopped by the store yesterday, and I like to browse and then buy. That way, I typically buy something completely unrelated to my list, and it’s a win/win for both of us.

But I was so pissed off about how the store was in complete disarray, that I turned around and walked out. I hope you’re going out of business and that it was a going out of business sale. The place looked like a bomb went off.

It cheapens the shopping experience when the professional source I want to buy quality goods looks like a bad day at Big Lots. I want professional accommodations when buying professional products.

Furthermore, the sales help isn’t very accommodating, knowledgeable or helpful. I overheard a customer ask a representative, “What kind of gear do you shoot with?” The rep said, “I don’t have any gear.” Usually helps if the guy you’re buying from has a working knowledge (whether he owns gear or not) of the merchandise  he’s selling.

I’ve worked with reps at the store who had never used the equipment I was buying and admitted it outright.

Worse yet, there were products that I really wanted to price out that had no price tags. Does your policy require that I ask a rep for each product I want to buy? Why waste my time like that?

Like I said above, I require a professional experience, or you don’t get my business.


Jeremy Witteveen

I know, I know

Yeah, sure, I haven’t posted anything today. You’re getting pissed off and you can’t control it any longer.

It’s turning out to be a fun day. Tina and I are working on setting up a small table at an event tonight to drum up some photography business. We’re not sure how big the event is going to be, but there are going to be mom’s galore there, and we don’t want to miss an opportunity to get in front of them.

I’m booked for a shoot in Boston next Wednesday. It’s a one-day deal, and I’ll be back by that evening.

Anyone else fly since they started mandatory screenings? Steve P? Any insight? Is it really that bad? I don’t want to get to the airport at 5 a.m. for a 7 a.m. flight if I don’t have to.

I personally have no problem doing the nude pictorial. Maybe you can contact Wikileaks and get my shots published. It may not result in instant international popularity but you never know either. I wonder if spray painting six-pack abs (a la the movie “300”) would be worth it.

In the meantime, if you’re hungry for what I might have posted if I had a little more time this morning, it would have been any one of the four top videos at Atheist Media. Go check them out.

Only rule is, if you have a response to them, you have to at least cut and paste what you said here if not only post here.