Transgender woman says DMV clerk warned of hell

(12-09) 18:34 PST SAN FRANCISCO — A few days after Amber Yust visited the Department of Motor Vehicles in San Francisco to register her sex change from male to female, she got a letter at home from the DMV employee who had handled her application.

Homosexual acts, he informed her, were “an abomination that leads to hell.”

The same day, Yust said, a DVD arrived from a fundamentalist church warning of eternal damnation for anyone “possessed by demons” of homosexuality. The DMV employee’s letter had referred her to the church’s website as a source of “critical information for your salvation.”

What’s more, the DMV had kept the employee on in 2009 even after he refused to process another transgender woman’s name-change application, Yust said in a damage claim filed with the state, the precursor to a lawsuit.

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2 thoughts on “Transgender woman says DMV clerk warned of hell

  1. Sweet baby Jesus in a banana hammock!

    It’s really concerning that we are seeing more and more reports like this here in the states and elsewhere which involve some fundy nutjob not being able to separate their personal and professional lives and then cry persecution when their feet are proverbially held to the fire.

    If I ever receive anything from my local DMV, which employs several pentecostals, condemning me to a fictitious hell, they’ll learn what hell truly means here on earth.

  2. According to one of the links in the sidebar of the article, the clerk was suspended with pay. Well, that’s a start – it’s a pretty clear-cut case of being worthy of immediate dismissal, but it’s harder to fire government employees.

    Keep us informed as to how the lawsuit goes!

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