The quiet before the storm

Today’s been a quiet day at Le Café. I haven’t had a lot of time to post, because Tina and I worked on doing three portraits sessions with some families. We were able to work in a large open space with a big brick wall.

I was reviewing film from the shoots, and I had to post this shot.

The kid asked me if he could do a Billy Elliot jump. I said, “Sure, give me what you got.”

After a count of three …

Fox News: Parents Outraged Over School Book Portraying Jesus as a “Socialist”

Because telling people to give up earthly goods, to go out of their way for the poor, and destroying commerce that lines people’s pockets at church is nothing but capitalistic.

It won’t be the first time I’ve been told I took the holy book out of context if you tell me in the comments.


December 13, 2010 on Fox News – via

Pass through a needle? Shoot, it’s easier to sit on a pew

Remember that line about camels and needles in the bee eye bee elle eee? How about this formula? Employ a live camel to be a part of a live nativity. Crank up the discordant lovely Christmas music. Pack your giant church with people. Wave flashy lights around, and voila, you have what happens in this clip.

All I want to know is, whose job was it to pray for the camel and then screwed it up?

This is why those crazy cats in Florida have their own Fark category.

Via Cynical C

A real live camel was used in a nativity scene at First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, Florida. The poor animal was meant to follow instructions from a handler who was a cast member in the play, but clearly seems spooked by the very loud Christmas music, large audience and spotlight. The camel falls, pushing the third wise man into the audience, and then onto some pews and gets stuck.

Locker room etiquette, the Yeshua Fog™, adulthood and YOU!

Tina and I belong to a gym. I consider gym membership to be an investment in our future. It’s not only for me, but for Tina. The longer I can stay alive through a healthy lifestyle, the longer we can enjoy each others company.

This is one of the things we can control, for the most part, and I put a lot of stock into it.

I feel like every time I go to the gym, I leave with a locker room story or two that I must tell Tina. They aren’t always interesting. Often they are humdrum. But I’m inspired to tell her and she’s good enough to listen. They are often stories that force me to rethink where I’m from and where I’m going.

I need to put some of this in context.

For anyone new to this blog, I come from a place I call The Yeshua Fog™. The Yeshua Fog represents places in America that are so densely saturated with religious activity, vocabulary and ideas that it’s almost impossible not to be religious or act religious to identify better with the local tapestry of life. Without the lifting of the fog, most people that live there can’t see past this lifestyle, and therefore perpetuate backwards ideas, like homosexuality is wrong, evolution is evil or there’s a war on Christmas.

The rest of this blog is going below the fold. I address some sexual issues that should be adequately hidden this way (/sarcasm).

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Glenn Beck is upset because you’re smarter than he is … well … some of you

A year ago, a study by Satoshi Kanazawa theorized that more intelligent people tend to abstain from belief systems.

I just saw this blog post at here that you might like to read (passive agressive, much?). Go to the address to listen to Beck and yawn a little.

In the above video Glenn Beck discovers the year old study by Satoshi Kanazawa (whose name Beck couldn’t even begin to pronounce) in which he theorizes that more intelligent people tend to be atheists, and less intelligent people tend to be very religious. Beck not only couldn’t counter Kanazawa’s claims, but didn’t really even seem to understand what he was reading.

For those without the time let me break down the study for you.

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