An Open Letter To Christians: Merry Christmas From An Atheist (via Atheist Oasis – A Rational Refuge)

PZ Myers posted this at Pharyngula, and now I’m posting it here.

It’s a good read, dear readers.

An Open Letter To Christians:  Merry Christmas From An Atheist That’s right, I didn’t say “happy holidays” or “seasons greetings” — I said “merry Christmas.”  And yes, I’m an atheist, one who loves the Christmas season so much that I tend to get into the spirit of the holiday a little earlier than most.  I love the decorations, the music, the gift-giving, the mythology — all of it.  This often surprises people because I tend to have a dark sense of humor and an unsentimental, pragmatic worldview.  But ever … Read More

via Atheist Oasis – A Rational Refuge

Ok Go paints my face green again …

I’m envious to the point of nausea when I see coolness like this. It’s Ok Go’s new music video that smacks of creativity and oozes cool. Love the photography. Enjoyed the song.

This video documents the 8.5-mile parade we took through Los Angeles using Range Rover’s Pulse of the City app to checkin and spell out the words “OK GO” with the route. Make your own journey around your city, and be featured in a similar documentation video we’ll make in 2011. Details at

Directed by OK Go
Produced by Shirley Moyers
Director of Photography: Starr Whitesides
Editor: Todd Sullivan

From The Daily where I found it:

OK Go Music Video of the Day: “Back From Kathmandu”

The band enlists the services of their fans and Range Rover’s Pulse of the City app to spell out “OK Go” across an 8.5-mile route through Los Angeles to the tune of the latest off their latest, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.



Remember when

After Dorothy's departure, Blanche, Rose and S...
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Remember when eye contacts rose in popularity during the 80s? Sitcom writers overused the, “Nobody move! I think I just lost a contact” line so many times it wasn’t funny.

There were entire scenes in movies dedicated to entire groups of people on their hands and knees looking for a contact that was stuck on a person’s clothing.

Those were the flash mobs of the 80s. You’d turn a corner at an airport, and entire groups of strangers were on their hands and knees searching for some woman’s lost contact.

I think it’s finally time to bring those jokes back, writers. It would be funnier than some of the shit you’re putting out right now.

I’ve been disappointed with TV lately. Shows that I looked forward to before suck.

When FOX announced Mitchell Hurwitz‘s new show Running Wilde, I was excited. I updated on facebook that people should watch it. The pilot cracked me up, and that usually means the show is going to be a blast.

Boy, was I wrong.

You will never know the guilt I feel for telling other people to watch a stinker. I have struggled daily with the idea that I should write a public apology on facebook, but I imagine it would add insult to injury.

Hurwitz created Arrested Development and wrote on several funny sitcoms, including The Golden Girls. There’s supposedly an Arrested Development movie in the making. I used to be excited about it. But now I’m worried.

Other shows that have disappointed me are 30 Rock and Community. If I only laugh once during a show, my interest declines quickly. I’m lucky if I get one laugh in on those two shows lately.

One show I’ve been happy with is Modern Family. The characters are great, and the writing has been surprisingly good. My complaint about the show is lighting. As much as they try to make it look everyday home lighting (opposed to studio lighting), they always screw it up.

The cast of Human Target. From left to right: Guerrero, Ames, Chance, Pucci and Winston.


I still like Human Target, but whatever the producers did to the opening credits needs to be changed back. They tried to rock out the music, and it ruined it for me. I almost stopped watching because of it.

Change it back, producers!

The addition of the hot, head woman Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma) is very welcome to the previously all-male reoccurring actors. Of course I am a sucker for latin-looking, curly-haired women. And by sucker, I mean drooly McDrooly pants. There’s another new character named Ames (Janet Montgomery), but until she stops wearing too much eye makeup, I think I’m going to only lust after her a little.

There was a scene in a recent episode in which Ames scootches through an air duct during a break-in scene. She’s only wearing a bra and very little on bottom and she’s covered in oil. The oil was for increasing viewership, but they said in the script it was to help her fit through a tiny hole. She drops from the ceiling at one point, and I almost passed out.

The show makes a lot of visual homages to movies and shows that I like, and the plots and action rarely let me down considering it’s just a TV show with a small percentage of the budget a big picture gets.

For instance, in the scene above when Ames dropped from the ceiling, they made a visual homage to Kill Bill when Uma Thurman dropped from the ceiling at O-Ren Ishii‘s compound.

That’s my TV blog in a nutshell. It’s a larger nut than I thought.

Hey producers and writers, thank you for being a friend, and make my favorite shows better again!

I ask this a lot, but are there any shows you’re watching right now that are worth mentioning? Did I piss you off, because you like one of the shows that I criticized?

Do tell.