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A response to Variablast’s science study tag:…

Had to include more than one study! Sorry Variablast — couldn’t help myself!

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“Peaceful” religious group executes Santa, asks, “Any last words? No? Of course, because you’re imaginary!”

This is an amazingly effective video. It shows how religious people are reasonable, well adjusted individuals with lots to offer the world.  It shows just how sane religious people are.

There are three things that stuck out to me. Well, there were more things that stuck out, but let’s work with three.

  1. He’s reading from a scroll made from Santa-style Christmas Crayons. Red and green are colors that represent the pagan beliefs of Christmas, don’t they?
  2. He bends over and asks Jesus Santa for any last words, and says, “You don’t have anything to say because you don’t exist.” Wow. What does he say to the baby Jesus when he asks him the same thing? How does killing one icon/idol while keeping an icon/idol on his chest acceptable? Is it just a little ironic that he asks in the first place?
  3. He says that they are a peaceful organization just after shooting 15 rounds or more into a stuffed Santa. Guns = Peace? Can someone remind me how this equals peace? How non-violence is peaceful when guns and murdering a stuffed animal are involved?

Name just three things you wonder about after watching this video. Just three. I don’t want you to overwhelm yourselves.

I bet this video is taken down before the end of the week.

Tonsil Hockey

This morning, we were listening to NPR and the local news show 848 had a panel of people talking about the year in review. They talked for a moment about the Black Hawks. When one of the personalities said, “Blah blah blah blah blah Hockey blah blah blah blah,” Tina says, “Tonsil Hockey?”

I walked three steps before I laughed. I never heard that term before. Of course, I thought it meant felatio.

I grew up in the south. We didn’t know what hockey was. I knew what felatio was. 🙂

I looked it up about an hour later, and it just means making out.

Here’s the Urban Dictionary entry.

I’m off to practice tonsil hockey and then I’ll be back later.