Happy Day After

I’m trying to concentrate more on family than the blog. So that’s what I’m doing. Except for right now, of course.

Talulah and I went running in the snow this morning and when I got back, she was tracking blood all over the kitchen. She broke the hell out of a nail on her right front paw. It’s hanging there by a thread. The poor thing.

I bandaged it up after cleaning the wound. She successfully tore it off, and now she’s sleeping next to my dad.

The snow is absolutely gorgeous. You should be here. We could make a warm drink and sit by the fire.

We might even be able to get the remote control from my grandpa and turn off the sunday morning sermons that have been on TV since this morning.



One thought on “Happy Day After

  1. Sadie tore part of the pad on one of her back feet during a run on Friday. That seems to happen to her a lot on the trails in winter because the ground is frozen solid. I hope Talulah feels better soon! And I hope you are having a good and restful time with your family!

    By the way, I made the mashed sweet potatoes and the gnocchi gratin with Christmas dinner and they were both amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipes.

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