Willie Nelson sang this once

Whelp, we’re on the road again. Tina’s driving. I’m rubbing
her neck and patting her hair. I’m making goo goo eyes at her. I’m
telling her how much I love her and now I’m interrupting the love
fest for a blog update. We had a delightful time in the fog. It’ll
be nice to get home to see Zoe cat. I’m quite sure she’s missing
the hell out of Tina. Right now we’re probably an hour from Dayton
Ohio. It’s raining a little and we’re listening to the radio. I was
hoping for a big religious sign to take a picture of. There was one
a little while ago that said, “Heaven or Hell, It’s your choice!”
The words heaven and hell were on a cloudy and fiery background
respectively. Really? Those are the only choices of the loving god?
Because that’s not a choice, you dumbass sign. I told that sign,
right? High fives all around. There are lots of triple cross art
installations through West Virginia and of course there are
zillions of churches. I remember seeing a crapload of buddhist
churches in Thailand and Cambodia and my dad made the comment that
there were a lot of temples there. “You could say, There are a lot
of churches in America.” I said. “Really?” he asked. I didn’t say
anything. There’s a lot that I’m mulling over regarding this trip.
But I’m not nearly as worried about it as I’ve been in the past. It
is a relief that I don’t have to concern myself over what everyone
thinks of my wife and I being the only heathens in town. It’s fun
really. And no matter how much we bring up church discussion and
ask about their beliefs, we have to understand that most people
will never ask us anything or wonder what we think. So much the
better. If I had a weak faith, I wouldn’t want to ask about what a
non-believer thought either. Anyway. We looked up why most barns
are painted red. Apparently it’s because farmers mixed rust into
their white paint to keep mold and moss from growing on the wood
which would speed the decay process. It became a fad and now people
do it out of tradition. Imagine that, people mindlessly doing
something out of tradition. Well, I gotta get back to admiring my
beautiful wife. Her attention deficit is depleting