Thank god? Hell, thank George!

Misplaced Grace’s very own George W. complained that he missed some excellent conversations because I didn’t have a recent comments button.

He said, “Get with it, you idiot. Add a recent comments area or jump from a bridge, you moron!”

His words.

So I added a recent comments section in the widget area to the right. I put it closer to the bottom.

I’m being all indecisive. Should it be higher up? Should there be more than 10 comments listed? Do you want the avatars larger?

It won’t show more of the comments, so don’t bitch about that.

Weigh in and solve my indecision. Let me know what you think in the comments below … or jump off a bridge, you moron! (<—- George’s words).

5 thoughts on “Thank god? Hell, thank George!

  1. Oh, George … I was honking yours and everyones tonks. Everyone knows you wouldn’t say stuff like that.

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I moved the recent comments up.

    If you have any other advice, address my complaint department at

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