Did you hear?

Bible illustration c.1900
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Three wise men riding on camels showed up at my door a few minutes ago. They said they have come from far away, because they saw a star shining in the sky just over the new, Le Café Witteveen widget that allows users to see recent comments.

They kept murmuring, “Thank George for his blessings. Thank him. Praise him. Hallelujah!”

They brought gifts. Two of them I white elephanted already. But the third one, they tell me is a thing called gold. I’m going to bring it to a local Cash For Gold store first thing in the morning.


7 thoughts on “Did you hear?

  1. Man, you get crowned Pope and all of a sudden stars shine over your place and strange men bearing gold tidings while riding on camels show up at your door?? That’s a swanky gig you got there, yessir!

    1. The weird thing is, other groups of people pre-stole the idea from me. They think they thought of it, but we all know that I am the first and only receiver of three wise men and a significant star.


  2. Does this mean that I get to become a Minor Prophet now?

    I think you are going to enjoy how much this helps to increase dialogue on your site. It will also reduce the amount of people commenting on dead threads FTW.

    Maybe you could start my beatification process?

    1. Wait a minute, I didn’t intend to make you think you spelled anything wrong.

      But isn’t it with a U and not without?

      Ahh, I thought you meant beautification. I looked up beatification.

      Boy, if I’m going to be pope, I have to brush up on my catholic skills.

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