Reddit thread train wreck

I browse every day. Okay, maybe I skim it. But I look at it, nonetheless.

This thread had me at “hello”. The guy in the above photo says:

Back in March of 2010 I found out I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. That same week, feeling like crap, a buddy and I went camping. So, it felt fitting to return to the same spot and burn all my cancer material 🙂

Did you notice how young that guy looks? Holy crap!

Go read the thread. There are some great messages written there.

May all who suffer the stresses of cancers and diseases find peace and solace from time with loved ones, from scientific progress, and from a genuinely positive sense of humor.

One thought on “Reddit thread train wreck

  1. Hodgkin’s is one of those diseases that’s kind of a bitch. First of all it’s a disease that affects mostly boys. It has a bimodal age distribution so it appears at two age ranges with the youngest mean at 20 years of age and the second peak at 65 years. Good news is that caught on time (Stage I-II) you have a greater than 90% chance of cure. Bad news is that the chemo you get as a young man to cure you of the disease can have long term effects that can come back to get you later on in life.
    Good luck to this dude!

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