Kneel before Neil

WordPress prevents me from posting certain videos so I’m redirecting you to Pharyngula to watch Stephen Colbert take on Neil DeGrasse Tyson over the recent Bill O’Reilly interview with David Silverman.

Tina and I cracked up at Colbert’s description of god getting in and out of the ocean to bathe.

If a man doesn’t understand simple science, how can anyone respect him for accurate information on more complicated discussions? It would be like getting your news from an eight year old.

While you’re over at Pharyngula, read this post of Ken Ham destroying faith. Don’t forget that many Christians’ mantra is: “If one thing isn’t true in the bible, than none of it is.”

If that’s the case, you had me at Genesis 1:1. But if you need more time, talking snakes should seal your deal.


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