Sarah Palin heaps insult on top of … violence

Sarah Palin would have fared better if she kept her mouth shut at this point. Her public statement regarding the Gabrielle Giffords violence is grabbing attention for including an anti-semitic statement. She used the term blood libel, which unbeknownst to me (but probably not you), it is the term that refers to the idea that Jews use the blood of Christian babies to make matzoh. Such claims have been used to murder hundreds of Jews.

Of course, Pat Buchanan is giving Palin a high five and a four-fingered wiggly woo on her crotch.

How about Palin in the above statement talking about that age old, international past time of dueling. What the hell were her speech writers thinking?

And, hey, is she using a teleprompter?

Whatever Sarah Palin. You’re dumb as rocks. Congratulations on making yourself appear even dumber.

Weird things have been happening!

Everyone has been talking about the birds dropping from the sky and the fish dying.

But what about all the crazy shit that’s happening to us! No one mentioned that … out of nowhere … our backdoor knob … broke. The insides gave out. Suddenly. Out of the blue. We were trying to get in, and I turned the knob, and it just kept turning. Damn if I didn’t need to replace the doorknob in the dead of winter with cold air blowing in and my poor heater blowing out.

I am not making that up.

And yesterday, we were at the dog park, and we found out that a veteran, a real army veteran, a war hero, was hit by a bus just before Christmas while riding his bike. What kind of a Christmas present is that? He’s had several surgeries and will need several more. They had to reconstruct his ear, and rebuild his sternum and shoulder with Darth Vadar-like mechanics. He’s now more man than machine, but not for long …

I’m not making it up.

And for two heathens, our prayers have been answered more than when I was a believer.

I’ve been hoping and praying that Talulah would finally start telling me when she needed to go out. For as long as we’ve had her, her indications weren’t clear. She’d chase her tail and I would ask, “Do you need to go out?” Or she would lick her fanny, and I would ask, “Do you need to go out?” Finally, this past week, she’s started going by the door and whimpering.

Prayers answered!

I’m not making it up.

AND (there’s a big AND!), Tina and I have been exploring what software we need to grow the business, and we were mystified that Apple didn’t have a way to download applications straight from the Web site like you can with Adobe and many other software developers.

And over the last week, our prayers were answered. Apple started the App store offering the exact applications we wanted to buy … AND for less!

Can you believe it!?!

To top things off, Verizon now offers the iPhone and Illinois democrats raised income taxes by 67 fucking %. I can hear Old Fart laughing from here.

So yeah, weird things have been happening. And I wish I were making up the last part.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.