An Open Letter to TNT’s “Southland”

(The following was written yesterday on the plane ride to Cleveland):

Open letter to Southland producers:

I’m a fan of the TV show “Southland”. The first two seasons were great examples of how awesome TV can be. And I’ve been awaiting the next season with a good amount of anxious anticipation.

If it weren’t for other fans updating on facebook, I may have missed all of season 3. I don’t watch any other TNT shows and I didn’t see any adverts about the new season. So thank facebook for this letter!

Last night Tina (my lovely wife) and I watched what I think was the second episode of season three. I’m on a plane right now with no access to the Internet to verify.

This letter has nothing to do with what episode we watched.

It does however relate to the number of production changes that it appears you have made. The script and characters still seemed complicated-ish. That’s still up for grabs if we are only one episode in.

What might be pissing me off are the changes regarding cameras, lighting and sound track.

Did you guys change the cameras you use? The depth of field is obscene. When the LA skyline is in full focus five miles behind the action, it made me nuts. Surely it’s not necessary to reinforce the LA thing for entire scenes? It looks like you might be using some small cameras to get them in the back of cars more easily. That’s fine.

But why the need to overblow the depth of field?

One thing I REALLY liked about the previous seasons was the raw available lighting “look”. There were scenes in this episode that were so obviously lighted I wanted to turn off the show.

And finally the sound track. WTF Southland gum bas? Not once but twice, you overlaid music to scenes. What happened to the French New Wave-y/Italian Neorealism you once adhered to.

Somebody on your team is to blame. I want you to fire or demote them tout de suite. I mean, PRONTO, because if that shit continues, I’m not watching the rest of the season.

Keep doing what you were doing when I fell in love with your show, two seasons ago. I didn’t marry into a TV show that needed production “improvements”. The show rocked because of those nuances that people don’t always notice, but they know they’re there.

I speak for all the fans when I say, “Put … the … show … back!!!”

Yours truly,

Jeremy “Put it Back” Witteveen

Headed for Cleveland

This afternoon I’m flying to Cleveland for a shoot. There’s a ground breaking, and I’ve been hired to follow one guy around for VIP photos. It’s very exciting really. I have to say, I’m nervous.

The night before big jobs, I sleep very little. This sucks, because that means I’m not in full form for the shoot.

I’ll be okay. It’s not the first time this has happened. I’ll be updating on the road, though, don’t you worry.

I hate it that I was lying awake for so long, thinking of things to write on the blog, and because I fell back asleep right before I needed to get up, I forgot everything.

I wanted to point out this story of the 13-year-old Australian boy who wanted a rescue worker to grab his 10-year-old brother first and the 13-year-old ended up dying. How heartbreakingly amazing of a story is that.

I also saw this graphic (below) at reddit, and haven’t had time to even consider verifying its source. Although, now, I’m still wondering how pissed I need to be about the democrat-led, income tax hike yesterday in Illinois.

Does Quinny baby have my back? Is he doing the right thing? Illinois has been in the red for a couple years. We desperately need to get out. I hope Glock weighs in on this one.