I liked this image (below) on reddit. I didn’t think the headline the guy gave it was great (religion in Europe versus religion in America). But the contrast was interesting.


Sore wrists

Thursday and Friday I shot event photography in Cleveland. At noon today, I’m shooting some engagement shots for a Chicago couple.

When you lug around a camera with a big flash and lens on top, it starts wearing on the old wrist.

I was inspired by what I did and saw in Ohio. There were lots of press covering the event, and you can see that the press have cut budgets. Camera men conducted interviews without anchors. There was one blogger guy who impressively shot interviews alone. He held a camera with a wide angle lens just behind his head. He’ll edit that footage later, and put it on his blog. I’ll have to find his card to see what his productions look like.

I don’t have a lot of time to write or update this morning, but I wanted to point out that Tina has been covering our business blog. She posted a video about The Sartorialist the other day. I watched the video she posted this morning and it brought me to an emotionally envious yet inspired place.

When I get inspired, I tend to cry. It’s weird. I know. Guys don’t cry, right? Bullshit.

Creativity tends to be very emotional for me, and when I experience the product of someone or many people’s creativity, it’s a visceral moment that I have no control over.

There are moments during movies that I watch over and over. And every time I watch I get choked up. I’ve said it before.

Well, the creativity and The Sartorialist’s expression of it made me weepy. I choked up and you should go watch it. Even if it doesn’t choke you up, it might inspire you to draw a picture today. Or take a photo. Or model naked for your loved one.

Another great moment while I was gone was a comment from Julie Ferwerda, who was the author of the Dating Jesus editorial that I posted here (thanks to Luis V). You should go read it. Of course she thinks we’ll all share a great laugh in some pub in heaven about it after she has hot coitus with Jesus. Little does she know that Allah is the only way to heaven, and she’ll be roasting in Muslim hell for eternity, because Muslim hell does exist. What’s great about Julie Ferwerda is at least she’s cool enough to admit that hell is a hoax, and I think I love her for it.


When you get a chance, fill me in on what’s new and exciting in your life. Drop Tina a message in her blog post linked above. She didn’t get any responses yet, and I fear she’s going to lock herself in the bathroom all night if no one gives her any feedback on the awesome video she found.