Sunday must sees, must reads or must hears

  • There are two from Joe My God. This week in holy crimes is a solid fun time. And he posted last night’s SNL digital short featuring Pee Wee Herman and Anderson Cooper. Very funny.
  • Science is this close (this close!) to cloning a woolly mammoth. We’re four years out (maybe!). I can’t wait for my first woolly mammoth ride! I bet they cuddle like kittens.
  • A loyal dog sits for a second consecutive day beside the grave of her owner. Lump-in-the-back-of-your-throat-inducing photo right here.
  • Chances of rape today about 70% and sunshine for tomorrow.”
  • Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi investigated for doing the dirty with a 17-year old. But she was a prostitute, so  no harm no foul. Just kidding.
  • Penis museum will soon display a human penis. Where’s my vagina museum at [self sic]?
  • Already old news: I’m now a Leo, not a virgo. And I still don’t care.
  • Dream camera porn of the day. Too bad it’s not real … yet! (Thanks, Jon!)

Above: photo I took of a church in Cleveland, OH.

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