Gervais: I get a funny feeling when I see a mountain

The headline on YouTube for the video below brings up whether or not Ricky Gervais offended Christians with his comment at the Golden Globes.

I don’t see that as the point of this interview at all. Gervais speaks for atheism in a good way. It’s good for me at least. I’m not offended when people say they’re praying for me or that they thank god. I’m not offended if someone prays for me or around me.

That’s not what I choose to do with my time.

If I bitch and moan about Christianity, I guess that’s how you can say I fill some of my time. How can I not? If I had to sit through 20 years or so of belief, surely I get 20 years of reaction time to bitch about it. The way I see it, I’ve got a good five more years of being an asshole about it before I finally sweeten up.

Because right now it’s piss and vinegar!


Off the Eatin’ Path

I’m having lunch today with a friend of mine named Monte  who I haven’t seen in a long time. His name is Monte. Just Monte. He’s a standup comic and artist, and he goes the one-name route. Like Prince. Or Madonna.

Monte. That’s it.

Monte paints. He writes. He acts. He photographs. If you’ve seen Road to Perdition, you’ve seen Monte. He’s the guy who Jude Law kills and photographs.

If people’s voices are memes, he’s got a highly contagious, viral voice. Everyone who knows Monte has a Monte impression.

I met Monte through the underground Chicago comedy scene back when I used to help produce a comedy show every Sunday night. It was a comedy showcase of about 5 to 6 local guys a night. Once in a while, we’d get national talent. It was a respected, desired room to perform in.

I helped out because I wanted to work with the talent to make short films.

Here’s one I made with Monte:

Monte writes a blog called, “Off the Eatin’ Path“. If you’re ever coming to Chicago and you want to eat at the greatest, least banal, sometimes (usually) inexpensive but best places to eat, follow Monte’s advice. Believe me. If it’s in the Chicago area, and it’s food: he’s a deity of knowledge.

What’s for lunch today?

Thank Science: New larynx gives woman her voice back

I shall refrain from making a joke about this woman’s husband.

Just 13 days after receiving a pioneering larynx transplant, a Californian woman was able to speak her first words in a decade. Her own larynx was permanently damaged by an operation 11 years ago.

The first combined larynx and thyroid transplant was performed in 1998, but in the latest operation Brenda Charett Jensen of Modesto, California, received a section of trachea too. The feat, which took 18 hours, was performed last October at the Medical Center of the University of California, Davis, but announced only yesterday.