Short list of ancient writers who never mentioned Jesus

Did I say “short”? I meant long.

One thing that theists tend to say is that “of course jesus is real, it says so in the bible.”  Of course, that tends to ignore that no one else mentions him that you would think should have mentioned him.  Especially someone who actually lived at the purported time said mythical figure was supposed to exist.  Here is a nice long list of people that could (or should) have mentioned this jesus character.  Now, I am going to say this isn’t my original work, but rather some one else’s research.  I have, however, looked into the claims of this individual, and I find them backed up with great research.  This is extracted from a 16+ page thread (with hundreds if not approaching a thousand) posts arguing this back and forth.  One of the central arguments is why there are no contemporary writers that mention the jebus myth.  A poster that goes by the name of Kapyong collected all this info.

There are further reasons why someone would mention jebus in contemporary writings that he doesn’t get into.  Suffice it to say that events such as described in Matthew 27:51-53 would certainly rate a mention.  Or the fact that a purple trimmed robe was used.  However, here is the collation of the writers.  Notice the incredible consistency!

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Via Skeptic Money and Reddit.

Damien Rice – Volcano

Here’s one of those songs that I find a sort of “spirituality” in that I feel a funny feeling when listening to it. It’s a funny feeling in that Ricky Gervais kind of way.

It was playing on a TV yesterday at the restaurant where I had lunch. I had to look it up to watch after I got home.

Lisa Hannigan, the female vocalist in this song, makes me feel all sorts of “spiritual.”

Absolutely Despicable Me


Last night, T-love, T-dog and I watched Despicable Me. I’m a sucker for kid movies and animation.

It’s a good movie and worth a watch (or two).

After watching Despicable Me and talking about it with Tina, I’ve discovered that I have a few issues regarding adoption that I may need to tackle. I’m adopted, in case you didn’t know. And adoption is part of the movie. And apparently, the topic of adoption sends little rain drops down my cheeks if it’s presented in a despicable way.

I need to make a spoiler alert, but it’s kids’ movie and there’s not much you can spoil about a kids’ movie, in my humbla-matic opinion.

The movie is about a villain named Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) who needs to get a bank loan for a sinister plan only to be upstaged by another younger, more advanced villain. It’s the old, there’s someone younger than the aging employee twist.

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