Tyler Durden sighting in Albuquerque

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There’s been a Tyler Durden sighting in Albuquerque, NM. He might be using the alias “Anthony Garcia.” His mayhem: slipping a sloppy slurpie of semen to grocery shopper looking for a handout.

No wrong turn this time, Tyler. Two thumbs and a hairy palm up … way up.

ALBUQUERQUE, Jan. 27 (UPI) — Albuquerque police said a supermarket worker accused of handing out a yogurt sample contaminated with semen was arrested on outstanding bench warrants.

The Albuquerque Police Department said officers were called Tuesday to the Sunflower Market by a woman who said store employee Anthony Garcia, 31, gave her a free yogurt sample contaminated with “bodily fluid,” KRQE-TV, Albuquerque, reported Thursday.

The woman told police she spit the sample out because it tasted like sperm.

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“Only Catholics in Heaven!” … (Shrug) Who cares?

You heard it here … only catholics will be heaven-ized. All the rest of you … blazing in eternal torment.

Meanwhile, the battle over idiocy rages on.

My favorite comment at YouTube:

It’s awesome to finally see someone standing up for the truth after the long dark years of cowardly double-speak and wishy-washiness from the pulpit that I grew up with.

Voris is a good example of how God raises up valiant defenders of truth precisely during those times when it is least fashionable and most heavily under attack by evil.

As Fr. Corapi said, “grey is the Devil’s favorite color”, and Mr. Voris shows us that truth is anything but grey – it is black and white. Starkly so.


Who’s going to be in charge of Le Café Witteveen’s four-legged friends calendar?

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that we need to create a Café Witteveen four-legged friends calendar. You all have seen many shots of Talulah and Zoe, but what you’re not aware, possibly, is that many of the regular readers have some great looking friends who need to be captured in a calendar or coffee table book.

I’m totally about to post without permission the following shots:

Jude’s Sam and then Anna are adorable:

Petursey’s “bitch” Molly is a doll face:

Xina just adopted a Ruby Tuesday and her Sadie is an amazing Boxer:

George’s Dee Oh Gee, Ferris!

Kilre and the multitextural photo. I mean, his Lhasa Apso.

Who else has animals that I don’t know about? The next great coffee table book could be ours!

Thursday morning reading list

Video editing is going to keep us apart a little more than I’d like today. But before I let my work sit on my face and pass gas like an evil sibling, I thought you deserved something to keep you busy.

Everyone likes READING!

  • Carol Putnam discusses, “Does God Hate Women?” over at exChristian.net. Nothing new, but definitely a reminder.
  • PZ Myers started a land war with another skeptic named Stephen Asma. PZ responded to something Asma wrote here. And then PZ responded to a response from Asma here. I feel shitty for only posting the PZ stuff, but you know how biased I am in a rush I am.
  • Hemant Mehta doesn’t agree with Christians when they say, “Stop loving gay people.
  • Ted Haggard steps into the limelight again with his member in his hand. Unloads on GQ. GQ must be hurting for sales.
  • Infographic on the sheer size of the Internets. Cower in its shadow, kids. There’s more spam mail out there than you ever knew.
  • Yours truly gets battered plugged on his new “Christian” friend’s blog. The conversation is worth reading. I need to post the facebook conversation soon. It’s thrilling.

Above: A hipstamatic self portrait art directed by my niece and used on “Christian” web sites to show how evil we atheists are.