“Only Catholics in Heaven!” … (Shrug) Who cares?

You heard it here … only catholics will be heaven-ized. All the rest of you … blazing in eternal torment.

Meanwhile, the battle over idiocy rages on.

My favorite comment at YouTube:

It’s awesome to finally see someone standing up for the truth after the long dark years of cowardly double-speak and wishy-washiness from the pulpit that I grew up with.

Voris is a good example of how God raises up valiant defenders of truth precisely during those times when it is least fashionable and most heavily under attack by evil.

As Fr. Corapi said, “grey is the Devil’s favorite color”, and Mr. Voris shows us that truth is anything but grey – it is black and white. Starkly so.


2 thoughts on ““Only Catholics in Heaven!” … (Shrug) Who cares?

  1. I hate to side with a Catholic, but his argument is probably right in the semantic sense. So long as you add that if Christ is really the messiah(I doubt it) and disregard the conflation between a heavenly church and the earthly Catholic church (couldn’t be more false), then yes, every person in heaven will be a Catholic. I would argue that little if any Catholics will be a Catholic by this metric.
    As Jeremy says, it’s beside the point, because all that semantic mind-raping misses the bigger point that heaven doesn’t exist, nor Jesus, nor a triumphant Church.
    It’s more of a massage than a message….

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