Biodork should take notes

Since Biodork has been doing her Close Up Photo Contest, I think she should consider something daring like the Italian dude in the clip below instead of writing about anything the winner wants.

Four months ago Gino D’Acampo promised viewers of This Morning that he would cook naked if the show won a National Television Award – it did and he kept his promise. So here is the full version of Gino cooking naked broadcast live on ITV1 from Thursday 27th January 2011.
Please Note: The content of this video is the copyright of it’s respective owners and does not belong to me. This video has been uploaded for entertainment purposes only.

6 thoughts on “Biodork should take notes

    1. Oh, btw – heard anything good about the Sony A55? The guy at National Camera said it would be good for low light and action shots (10 pics/second).

      1. In a nutshell, if you want to become serious about photography, go with Canon or Nikon. There are better pro cameras than Canon or Nikon, but that technology and lenses will take you forward.

        The Sony is a good option, but they don’t have the reputation or the versatility. That being said, you will likely have a great time with the camera and it’s a good buy for what I feel like I understand you want a camera for.

        Just know that if you really get into photography after having the camera, you’ll likely need to sell the sony and buy one of the big two.

  1. Cooking naked is such a bad idea. Cooking involves heat and even the best cooks get burned every now and then! However, if one shares a dorm kitchen with 70 other guys, many which are more than slightly homophobic, and on a conservative Christian campus, surprise nudity is really great for entertainment purposes.
    P.S. Make sure to shout, “If you can’t take the meat stay out of the kitchen!” while they stare at the ceiling and walk slowly away grasping their Raman noodles with white knuckles.

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