street photography (via r25 productions)

Independently from a post I made a few weeks ago about Chicago Photographer Vivian Maier, Tina recently asked me if I had heard of her. I said, “Yeah, Steve P. sent me a link for her work and I blogged it on le café. Didn’t you see it?”

She said, “No.” Then we fought for an hour and a half about how she must not only read my blog but memorize each post.

I’m such a bitch.

Anyway, Tina wrote about Maier on our photography blog, and I wanted to repost it here.

You should read it!

street photography I've been meaning to write about Vivian Maier and her photography since I read about her story earlier this month. The story goes that a young man named John Maloof was doing some research for a book on the history of Chicago's Northwest side when he stumbled upon a box of old negatives and film rolls at an auction. He purchased the box not knowing that he was about to discover one of the most amazing, and unknown street photographers of our time … Read More

via r25 productions

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