Weekend gift wrap

This was one of those weekends that didn’t allow for much blog time. Tina and I entertained Friday and Saturday night. And we were able to spent a lot of time with Tina’s brother and his partner on Sunday. During the days, I was either cooking or working on this video project.

Friday night, we had Tina’s cousin Kelly and her husband Brian for an adult dinner. Kelly is like Tina’s sister, and we haven’t seen them in forever. They drove up by us, which we thought was awesome. We rarely get a chance to hangout without their kids. We love the kids, but sometimes it’s a nice break to just spend time with the grownups.

Saturday night, we had our friends Miles, Jay and Elizabeth over. It was another fun night of good people, good wine and lots of laughs. Miles and Jay are uncles to our Talulah. They own two dogs that we dog sit for. Elizabeth is an entrepreneur friend of ours. She’s got a mouth like a sailer and she and I foul up the air with stank language like only an NC-17 movie can.

And Sunday Tina and I were able to see my brother-in-law Michael and his partner Jason. I have pictures of some of the food, which rocked each day. We had a version of Chicken Cacciatore on Friday, beer-based beef stew on Saturday, and a chicken dish with ravioli that Michael made Sunday. There’s no way to identify exactly how and what Michael puts into his dishes.

It was a good weekend mixed with both hetero and homosexual friends. Having that diversity gives me bragging rights on Monday morning.

What did you do?


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