Frozen eye lashes

I went out to shoot in the blizzard tonight. I grabbed a few frames of this guy who had been walking in the snow for a long time. His eye lashes were frozen solid. I didn’t get much of him, because my battery died.

Talulah and I half-ass a vLog

This morning, I shot a few seconds of footage before my hand almost fell off from the leprosy the cold. We’re expecting the biggest, baddest storm of the year today. And the whole city is huddled up in a corner with a blanket draped over hoping to keep warm and dry.

You don’t believe me?

If I say it, it must be true.

Billy Boy, come on … you make it way too easy

Bill O’Reilly might be dumber than Sarah Palin at this point. He screwed up the simple science of tides in that interview with David Silverman. Then he smugly recorded the below retort to the haters.

What a moron.

You know what they taught me at my Christian high school? They said, “If you associate yourselves with a certain kind of person, it reflects on you.”

If you associate yourself with ignorance, it reflects on you. In hindsight, it’s damn good advice. There is no excuse for O’Reilly’s oblivion nor the full-time promotion of absolute stupidity. It’s not Bill O’Reilly’s fault he’s an idiot. He was born an idiot. It’s his fans fault for putting him on a pedestal.

Via The Friendly Atheist