Great Dane!

This is a shot of my neighbor’s three-month old, Great Dane pup named Lulu. She is so cute. She’s the epitome of rompy. She romps when she plays. I think I have a crush on her. Don’t tell Talulah … or Tina!


This morning, I helped my neighbors from my building dig out our parking lot from the snow-pocalypse. There are drifts that range from three to five feet. There are cars on our block that are completely covered.

And, yes, Luis, I’m aware that you New Yorkers were buried a couple times already.

Our condo is a self-managed association, so we share the duties of things like snow removal and clean up. We’re a building of six units, and we split up weeks for snow removal. This week, it was our 65-year-old neighbor Jack’s week, but since it was snowmegedden we all pitched in.

About an hour later, you couldn’t tell we had done anything because it started snowing and the wind replaced a lot of what we removed. I looked out the window a little while ago to see it, and I decided to go back out to clean up some more. I met my neighbors outside and we got to it.

The alley behind us was completely covered in about three feet or more of snow. The city doesn’t care about alleys, so I figured we were going to be locked in for a few days. We noticed a few of our nearby neighbors clearing the snow in the alley, and then more neighbors started, and then our super cool hero neighbor who snowblows the entire sidewalk on our side of the street came out with his snowblower.

In about an two and a half hours, all of us cleared the entire alley to the north so that at least we could get our cars out. We were sharing beers and having a good old time. It was one of those moments when you regain a lot of faith in humanity.

When we got to a home or building that there were people digging out their individual parking area, we stopped and helped them clear. You didn’t know why you were doing it. I think it’s our nature to want to help out and to be helped. Once you start doing it, there’s a good feeling emission in your noggin, and despite wanting to stop, go inside and have take a nap, you keep doing it.

We survived the night

Last night, I was running around with my camera. The winds were beating me back at around 70 miles an hour.

There were idiots who tried to maneuver Lake Shore Drive despite all the closing announcements. On facebook, there were people updating that they were stuck there for hours. They would update with stuff like, “Still here. I’m not sure I’m ever getting home.” And, “My phone battery is dying. This will be my last update.” And “I’m dying!”

Okay, so nobody said they were dying.

There were people stuck until this morning, though. That’s pretty scary.

We went out to shovel this morning. Our back door was covered. I’ll post some pictures and then I’m going to go back out. It started snowing again, just after we finished.