Atheist Revolution names PZ Myers “Idiot of the Week” … them’s fightin’ words!

The blogger vjack grew another six balls over at Atheist Revolution and named PZ Myers the idiot of the week. vjack writes:

But once again, PZ seems to be disregarding what he recognized earlier – atheism is an outcome and not a cause. I do take pride in being an atheisteven  though I recognize the limited meaning of atheism. I am proud in having arrived at the consequence of atheism. I am also proud of all the things which helped me get there – things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the meaning of atheism – (i.e., skepticism, application of the scientific method, critical thinking, study of philosophy, etc.).

I hope you take this post for what it was and do not misconstrue it as an attack on PZ Myers. He chose to label his feelings toward many of us “hate,” and while I do not think he means it for one second, I wanted to play too. I needed to write an Idiot post and a post about PZ. Given my time constraints, I thought it would be fun to combine them. I have great respect for PZ and know he’s no idiot.

I read some of PZ’s original post that pissed vjack off. I haven’t had a lot of time to do more than skim blogs lately, and while I figured it was relatively incendiary, I figured it was PZ being PZ.

We should be as critical of our own as we are of everything else. So good for vjack for calling PZ out to the playground. Now we’ll have to see if PZ retaliates and gives vjack what he’s looking for … his very own post that will send his hits through the roof!

Take a look see at the rest of vjack’s post!

We are celebrating Caturday!


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Make room in your bags, Luis … I’m coming with you

Regular-reader Luis V is going to England next week, and I think I know why. I suddenly have the urge to check out Russian London landmarks, too. What, with all the beautification they’re doing lately. Who wouldn’t want to sight see in London Town?

Headline at Daily Mail Online: Fascinatingly flexible: Contortionist causes a stir by wrapping herself around London landmarks


Here are a few lines from the article (how many “no shit” moments do you count?):

The 24-year-old, real name Julia Gunthel demonstrated her impressive flexibility fitting snugly into a telephone box with her leg wrapped around her head.

She said: ‘I had a fantastic time in London practising my poses in phone boxes and in front of the National Gallery.’

‘A lot of people stopped on the streets and asked to take their picture with me, I think they were very surprised, which was great, everyone was very excited.’

Zlata caused a stir outside the Houses Of Parliament, the Horse Guards parade and the National Gallery taken the attention of the tourists away from the London attractions.

She said:’They all forgot about the sight-seeing and just wanted to take pictures of me instead, which was very fun for me!’



Wait a second. Do I smell a publicity stunt?

Christian Conservatives UNITE!!!

I’m pretty sure that the two “likes” from my facebook friend above take the cake for the craziest facebook likes I’ve seen in a while.

Just 20 minutes ago, Misty liked Christian Conservatives United and Laura W. Bush. Holy cow.

What did you “like” 20 minutes ago? Was it crazy? Tell me about it.

Did you know that Christian Conservatives United is a think tank for abortionists who want to sauté children and eat them?


Christian Conservatives United is a group that thinks Michele Bachmann is … the bomb diggity and Barack Obama is … the Antichrist diggity. You should check out their facebook page of embarrassment.

Yet somehow, these facebook people are damned sure of the CCU movement.

There’s a post about a group of Christians trying to reconcile Islam and Christianity (link), and the group is in an uproar. One woman named Connie Sue Gandy-Gault says (misspellings in tact):

If this happens it will be the end of the world for everyone pure and simple. The Quran teaches to kill people. How can that be a faith, other than from the devil. It is all about interpetation for some people who are Conservative Muslims. that is what they say. But killings is wrong in any religion that has Christ in it. So we can NOT let this happen in ANY Christian Church. Or stop going to that church and report them to their higher ups. Everyone has a boss, even churchs.

All the spelling errors aside … “The Quran teaches to kill people?”

Did you read that?

“The Quran teaches to kill people.”

The holy Christian bible teaches to kill people. The bible is rife with homicidal encouragement, and this Connie Sue lady has the audacity to say, “The Quran teaches to kill people.” As if the bible teaches to “love” people. If by love she means hate and by hate she means don’t accept some people for who they are … yeah, spot on, Connie Sue!

Christian Conservatives United should pull back its curtain and reveal the joke. Because if it’s not a joke, it’s crazy scary. Or scary crazy. One or the other. You choose.

It’s scarier than Laura W. Bush dressed in a Slim Goodbody leotard  running after you with a chain saw*.

*Yes, I made the graphic above. I couldn’t help it.