On the topic of hell

Our lovely “believer” friend/fan of Le Café Julie Ferwerda siren songed me into this update about hell, dammit. I’m anxiously awaiting how this one turns out. Here’s a screen cap of everything up until my response.


3:02 p.m. – the conversation has continued past my response. Julie backed me up with a nicely written, “I agree with Jeremy” stance. Other people express their worry or concern for Julie’s station in life. And there are others who support Julie. I’ll let it get a little longer and post a little of it here.

I responded again, but — and I wrote “I’m easy to ignore” in my response — I’m being ignored by the others on the thread. I don’t mind. Being led astray by anyone including atheists can get you thrown into the sea with a cinder block tied around your neck (Mark 9:42).

But god’s not violent! He just likes to kill those who don’t agree with him.


3:11 p.m. – Fuck it. Now they’re talking about the flood being literally true. I don’t think there’s a point to this conversation.

Thanks, Julie!


5 thoughts on “On the topic of hell

    1. There’s a big-ass difference between “scoffing” and understanding science and the truth.

      A learned mind cannot accept the biblical account of creation nor a global flood. Nor can it accept ideas of super-human strength that is eliminated via haircut, men living to almost a thousand years old, plagues, and walking on water, nor any number of impossible-to-prove supernatural occurrences.

      I don’t make fun of that belief. I feel sorry for people who haven’t opened enough books or even thought for more than a few seconds about it.

      Not to mention virgin births,

      1. There is a lot of scientific evidence which supports recent creationism and the Flood. I am not completely ignorant of science, but I see much which supports scriptural testimony. I also see many holes in naturalistic theories such as evolution which science has yet to reasonably explain and prove scientifically – such as all the missing links between species.

      2. Oh, good, you’re scientifically educated.

        Would you please be so kind as to produce a talking snake?

        And by all means, please let me know how it’s scientifically possible for a man to build an ark and save all of the animal species living at that time.

        And by all means, please, explain how something cannot come from nothing … but the idiot god of the bible was there the entire time … and he forgot to have his son write his own story in an accurate way … and he forgot to tell his son to tell his followers that “washing their hands would solve a lot of life’s woes by helping squelch the passing of disease.”

        And by all means, please do it in a satisfying way. Because your carbon copy just left here the other day saying the same exact load of hogwash.

  1. The tiger is baaaaack! (or he never left). Hey, I can’t help it if people brought up the flood on a post about hell. People only ignored you b/c they (the staunch evangelicals) were dropping their teeth when I said I agreed with an atheist. The limelight shifted from you to me. I know this is hard for you –sharing the stage, but you can get past this.

    Btw…I have dozens of FB friends who think alot more like me (try to be open and seek honest answers) than like the 3-4 who were defending hell. There are some great folks on there!

    Thanks for commenting on my post. Hope you do it more.

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