RETRACTION: This cartoon shows what Glenn Beck believes (via Le Café Witteveen)

While reading The Friendly Atheist (here), I learned that the video I posted (below link) is NOT accurate. It doesn’t not accurately portray what Mormons believe.

Although, I have to say, Mormonism is still a nutty religion and Glenn Beck should still be considered asinine for aligning himself with it.

I apologize for misleading you regarding the video. I will expect an angry mob including yourselves and Glenn Beck lovers everywhere. My buzzer reads, “Bob”. Let yourselves in. I’ll be waiting.

Glenn Beck is a moron Mormon. The video below is a teaching tool that Mormons showed their youth for bible study and learning. It offers all kinds of great information about the origins of Mormonism, including where black people come from. How in Sanity’s name could you take Beck seriously after learning the load of incredible fantasy that man holds as true and good? Before you criticize this cartoon as crazy, consider the beliefs you uphold and … Read More

via Le Café Witteveen

Iso, the cute little Dachshund is at it again … what pieces of shits his owners are

I have an issue with these videos (below). Yes, they’re cute, but I go out of my way to only upload content that I have copyrights for onto YouTube.

When average Joes and Janes upload videos with copyrighted music and they stay up, it pisses me off.

The videos look great, because they’re shot on cameras with stunning video quality. But the uploaders should have to follow the same copyright laws that the rest of us have to honor.

But then again, if they aren’t abusing copyrights, copyright laws need to change, so law abiders can jump on that bandwagon, too.

Hey Pomplamoose! Someone stole your song and used it to advertise their little cute Dachshund and get mad hits on their YouTube page without you getting a drop of the usage rights fees. You look like idiots!

Giggity: New iPad specs leaked

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

The Wall Street Journal published leaked specs on the upcoming iPad. Apple is outdoing itself on this one.

The new iPad consists of two contact lenses and ten rubber thimble things. You put the thimbles on each finger for typing and moving around the screen which appears like Iron Man’s vision on your retina.

They’re calling it the iPad Iron Man.

Read more about it here.

New Glass Stronger than Steel

ScienceDaily (Jan. 11, 2011) — Glass stronger and tougher than steel? A new type of damage-tolerant metallic glass, demonstrating a strength and toughness beyond that of any known material, has been developed and tested by a collaboration of researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)and the California Institute of Technology. What’s more, even better versions of this new glass may be on the way.

“These results mark the first use of a new strategy for metallic glass fabrication and we believe we can use it to make glass that will be even stronger and more tough,” says Robert Ritchie, a materials scientist who led the Berkeley contribution to the research.

The new metallic glass is a microalloy featuring palladium, a metal with a high “bulk-to-shear” stiffness ratio that counteracts the intrinsic brittleness of glassy materials.

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