David Smalley: Top Ten Reasons I’m an Atheist

Via StumbleUpon, I stopped at the blog Dogma Debate where David Smalley posted a top ten reasons I’m an atheist list. It’s a good list, and there were a couple that stood out. They were ones that I haven’t seen listed on other lists that I can remember.

1.    If we truly had one creator speaking to prophets, it would do so consistently, not contradictory as thousands of different religions have proven.


6.     If the Christian god created humans as sinners, how could it rightfully expect us to believe the corrupt messengers it has sent to teach us the way of life?

The comments on the blog are pretty funny.

I thought of you (naked) when I saw the list.

Craiglist ad: Explain Lost to Me

This is hilarious. There’s a person in the Asheville, NC who wants to exchange breakfast for answers to questions re: the TV show “LOST”. Here’s the original ad.

The poor guy is sick of wondering, and has decided to trade breakfast for answers.

We should encourage the writers of the show to respond to the guy.

Here’s the TL/DR (aka gist) of the ad:

In summation: we meet at a public place, I buy you breakfast, you answer my questions about Lost and walk away after exactly one hour. At that point I will order a third cup of coffee, let the experience wash over me, tip the server 35% (as I foresee audible cursing that will need to be financially compensated for) and take a gratifying sip that will be the beginning of the rest of my life. Shalom.

Click on the below screen cap to read entire entry. Full text below the fold.

Thanks to my brother Jon!

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Quote of the day and new asshole creation

The quote of the day is from Matthew on this post. He’s responding to a comic about abortion.

There’s a big difference between “health care” and the tolerance of murdering a human being.

Matthew, you’re a jerk.

Allow me to be a bigger jerk, because I want to ream you – and mindless idiots like you – a new asshole. Because the same ideas that encourage you to oppose abortion are the same ideas that cause natural abortion, and that really pisses me off.

Between 2009 and 2010, Tina and I tried some fertility treatments that proved unsuccessful. During the process, we grew close to some neighbor friends who were doing the same treatments at the same doctors’ offices.

When we gave up, our friends decided to give In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) a try. Their insurance paid for the treatment, which costs upwards of $18,000, with a success rate of below 25% for this particular couple.

Tina and I don’t have that kind of money to pay out of pocket. Plus the process is severely painful and difficult.

Our friends were successful. They told us around Christmas time that they were expecting twins. Since we were the only ones who knew, we spent our New Year’s Eve with them, because they wanted to keep the non-drinking aspect a secret. They still had a month and a half before they could tell their family.

Regarding pregnancy, three months is generally considered the iffy zone (not the technical term). Once you cross the three month threshold, it’s generally okay to tell your friends and family, “We’re pregnant!”

Between New Years and the end of January, they lost one of the “babies”. But the second survived.

On a recent Sunday, the couple excitedly told their parents that they were expecting a baby. Let me also explain that this couple are god-fearing people. They practice their faith more than anyone I know in Chicago.

Not two days passed from the day they told their parents when my friends lost their “baby.” It was aborted naturally. This deflating news hit Tina and I like bricks, as we’re sure it hurt the couple, too.

Think about it. This “baby” was 4 inches long. It had hair and eyebrows. And these are the factors that “pro-lifers” rub in prochoicers’ faces.

Frankly, thinking about it makes me shake with anger.

For every natural child birth, how many end up aborted by god’s holy hand? Or am I supposed to believe that’s Satan hand? Bullshit.

How many people die in natural catastrophes versus doctor-induced?

Should Noah’s Ark actually have happened, God is a considerably worse murderer than abortion doctors will ever be.

Abortion-protestors and “pro-lifers” are assholes. You hear me, pro-lifers? You’re assholes. Especially, you Army of God idiots. Right now, I’ve got the Army of God web site open and it’s flashing the worst images you could imagine. Why does god need an army? And why does anyone need to fight for him?

The sheer fact that anyone can see a human as more evil than their god is beyond me.