The Cameraman

This is an interesting cartoon with a not-so-intelligent message (see below). The animation is cool, and Ira Glass from This American Life is attached, so you know the story is well told and edited.

But the message is: Cameras, even fake ones, can steal a person’s humanity.

Yes, I agree with that in some contexts. The Paparazzi is ridiculous. There are some forms of voyeurism that are more harmful than good.

But the camera changed everything and continues to change everything. Civil War photographer Mathew Brady published images of war that were never seen before. When people saw the horrors, the perceptions of war changed for more people around the world.

When photos were published of the earth from space, people began to see how the world is not the center of the universe. It’s part of a universe.

The camera may be accomplice to some evil, but it is the what has given humanity to people and places that are ignorant and xenophobic.

I, for one, stand up for cameras.

Via The Daily


One thought on “The Cameraman

  1. You would stand up for cameras.
    Your opinion is based on your vested interest, not on the facts.
    Why should anyone trust your biased opinion?
    You can take your Eastmanist agenda elsewhere buddy….

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