Bad Teacher … a.k.a. a breath of fresh air

This probably isn’t safe for your work place.

But damn, if this trailer got any closer to portraying a sense of humor that I think of as my own, I would accuse this movie of plagiarism … in the very least, identity theft.

Cameron Diaz looks pretty damn funny in it. I may not be hot for teacher, but I’d be willing to stay after school.

Pat Robertson raises dead babies from the grave … on TV

Speaking of Pat Robertson:

At the “Catch the Fire” conference in Virginia Beach, Pat Robertson conducts a mass faith healing of the audience.

The biggest thing that happened (video below) was a woman could smell her gum despite the allergies she had when the service started.

Miracles are AWESOME!

And here I was looking through the cracks in my fingers wondering when the dead babies would rise. Don’t take my word for it. Robertson actually says it.

Via Joe. My. God.

It’s not Pat Robertson, but it’s about the same

From the web site: Christchurch Earthquake, Why did it Happen:

Almost 4000 years ago, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Come judgement day, that bunch of sadistic perverts and murderers will be able to turn to God, and accuse God of injustice – unless God does something to close down the modern Sodom that is New Zealand. So how long does God wait — he has already sent an earthquake, a mining disaster, poverty, thousands of aftershocks – but still there is no sign of the repentance?

How pathetic.

It makes me think of this graphic.


PZ Myers, and I’m sure others, are accusing the site above of being a Poe. Here’s PZ’s link.

“dear god, so much blood”

From The Daily Beast:

Having consolidated gains in the East, protesters are now taking over  cities in Western Libya as Muammar Gaddafi struggles to hold on to Tripoli. The western city of Misurata is now said to be in protesters’ control, and there are reports of uprisings in the western towns of Sabratha and Zawiya as well. The streets of Tripoli, meanwhile, are almost entirely deserted; two Libyan warships are said to have deployed facing the city.

View images below from the streets published on Twitter. Warning: Extremely graphic.

Plus, eastern cities declare independence and more recent developments and full coverage of the Mideast uprisings.

It’s day ten of popular the unrest, and despite an all-out media blackout where Libyan citizens cannot access Facebook, Twitter, or even Al Jazeera, a flood of graphic images and video continue to leak out of the embattled African nation that bear witness to a regime’s brutal crackdown on protesters calling for the end of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s 41-year rule. These are being passed along, person-to-person on Twitter, alongside warnings that caution to the graphic extent of the material, and calls for Gaddafi to be overthrown.

What you will find if you read on is graphic and violent.

The Earthquake (via Tim Cooley’s)

Be sure to read Tim Cooley’s insider’s perspective on the earthquake in New Zealand. Linked below.

I’ll let him tell you the story.

Before I get carried away with telling you everything you could possibly want to know from me about the earthquake that happened yesterday, let me first say that I am alive and fine. The earthquake struck at around 1 or 2 PM on a very grey day.  I believe it was centred around Lyttelton, measuring at about 6.3 on the Richter scale.  Now, if you had been watching TV, you would probably know more than me at this stage, because our power had been ou … Read More

via Tim Cooley’s

Dinner blogging

These aren’t two new dinners, but Talulah told me if I didn’t post a couple of dinner shots, she’d disown me and feed me to the wolves.

I believe her.

The first one is a beef and barley soup that we crave almost every other week during these cold winter days and the other one is shrimp and couscous.

The shrimp and couscous shot isn’t great. I didn’t set up the shot very well, because I was starving and food prep wasn’t my biggest concern.

If you’re interested in recipes, drop a comment, I’ll see if I can get Zoe to type them out later today.


Zoe had some time to hunt and peck the beef & barley soup recipe. Dip below the fold to read it.

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