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In this recent Whizin Center for Continuine Education program, renown scholar, author and atheists Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris square off against Newsweek top rabbis, David Wolpe and Bradley Artson Shavit to determine what may or may not happen in the hereafter.

The possibility of an afterlife has challenged believers and atheists alike for centuries. Because its very nature defies conclusive definitions or proof, it remains a heated topic for debate and exploration. This debate is moderated by the Editor-in-Chief of the Jewish Journal, Rob Eshman.

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Dim bulb Quote of the Day

We started today with a great quote from a believer. Now it’s time for a delightfully dim bulb quote from another believer.

WhiskeyRiver commented on this very popular post about Noah’s Ark and wrote (misspellings and bad grammar are Whiskey’s):

“When Clams are found at 13,000 ft on Mt.Arrarat,that are from the right time period,how can you stick to that theory of yours.Hmm,…”

Clever, right?

WhiskeyRiver screwed up a Young Earth Creationist (YEC) argument. The discovery of clams that YEC’ers use so often was on Mt. Everest. Mt. Ararat is the mythological place where Noah’s Ark supposedly landed.

How were fossilized clams found on top of any mountain? Simple science explains that mountains are formed through the movement of tectonic plates. At one time, areas that were below the water are pushed up into the atmosphere. That’s right, places that were once below water were pushed up, way up. That’s why you find fish fossils in Wyoming (Julie).

Why do I post WhiskeyRiver’s dirty underwear on Le Café Witteveen’s flagpole and hoist it up?

It’s a waste of time, right?

The Noah’s Ark post above gets between 20 and 40 hits a day.  It gets that many hits, because believers are constantly searching for terms like “proof of Noah’s Ark.” I happened to tag the post with those exact words. I hate to break it to you kids, but you’re never going to find proof, because





Even if Moses really wrote the first five books of the bible (the pentateuch),  he wrote down a story that was passed down through an oral history that predated his time by several hundred years (if you believe the bible is true). He, or whoever wrote Genesis, picked up the story from the Babylonians. And the Babylonians probably picked it up from yo mamma.

I don’t “believe” in science. I accept it. Belief implies faith. You can show me how tectonic plates work. We can feel how they work (just ask any Haitian or Christchurchian). You can show me how we’re genetically connected to animals through evolution.

But you cannot EVER show me a talking snake. You will never be able to show me walking dead people. You cannot show me any number of biblical miracles because they



That’s a bold statement only because I emboldened it. It’s really not that big of a deal. Life will go on if the bible isn’t 100% true.

Besides, the bible teaches you to expect disbelief from non-believers. It teaches to expect scoffing and disrespect. So chalk this criticism up to a biblical teaching and accept that I can’t believe your beliefs






I love you, Debra Oberlin

Meet Debra Oberlin.


Oberlin was pulled over for driving under the influence in Gainesville, Florida. She blew a .234 and a .239, a considerable amount over the legal limit of .08 and just under the amount necessary to spontaneously explode your brain (true scientific fact).

Why do I love Debra Oberlin?

Because she served as president of the Gainseville chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for three years.

Awesome Gin Blossom!


Quote of the Morning

Regarding a book Julie Ferwerda is reading called “The Jesus Secret,” she wrote:

“One of the words the author goes into a great deal, “dikaios,” I had already uncovered myself about a month ago. It is the word translated somewhat consistently throughout the NT as “righteous” or “righteousness,” intended to convey moral uprightness. When in fact, this word is clearly proven in the papyri to convey JUSTICE and equity, not morality. Bible scholars have known of this error for many years but stubbornly refuse to change it for nothing more than maintaining traditions of men (and perhaps fear of diminishing the superior piety of the masses).”

~ Julie Ferwerda in the comments on her blog of this post.

I wish there were more believers who gave a hoot about their beliefs like Julie. I admire that she’s at least trying to dispel some of the misunderstandings people have about the bible.

What sucks is: I’m not her target market. Or if I am, I’m a knowitall, and see the information above as old news. I will say that the above info is verifiable and sound. Since several of my readers are lurking Christians, I feel it’s necessary to post stuff like this.

This, dear Christian, is how to show the world that you’re intelligent and start to curtail the ugly stereotype that “belief = inferior intelligence.”

I don’t agree with everything ol’ Julie writes, but that’s part of the deal. Agreement is not necessary for decent and productive dialogue. What is necessary is that people actually put some thought and research into the information they’re relaying. I kvetch about it often, and can only hope that Ferwerda becomes more believers’ role model.