I love you, Debra Oberlin

Meet Debra Oberlin.


Oberlin was pulled over for driving under the influence in Gainesville, Florida. She blew a .234 and a .239, a considerable amount over the legal limit of .08 and just under the amount necessary to spontaneously explode your brain (true scientific fact).

Why do I love Debra Oberlin?

Because she served as president of the Gainseville chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for three years.

Awesome Gin Blossom!


3 thoughts on “I love you, Debra Oberlin

  1. This hippocritical bitch should be public beat to death or better yet,turned over to any 100 of the thousands whose lives she helped ruin with her holier than thou bullshit,and let them deal with her.It would be too much to ask for that the system will subject her to the full extent of the law.They will probably coddel her because of the income flow she helped create.

    1. I can’t even imagine what Gainesvillians are going through right now.

      It’s too bad that public humiliation isn’t available to you anymore.

      Oh wait, it is. It’s call the Internet.


      What are you looking for?

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