Am I the only Debra Oberlin lover on the planet?

Former Gainesville Florida president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Debra Oberlin was arrested last week for driving while impaired.

I posted it here. My headline was, “I love you, Debra Oberlin.”

Who in the world couldn’t love this woman?


Over the weekend, someone or some group is battering Le Café with hits. It’s as if someone googled the search terms “Debra Oberlin .234 and .239” and is clicking the link over and over and over. I have 100s of incoming hits off of those exact search terms. I can’t imagine more than one person using those exact terms to search for Oberlin.

But maybe I’m wrong. Floridians aren’t known for being the brightest bulbs in the socket.

Regardless, Oberlin will get what she deserves (hopefully). Yet I imagine all those AA lovin’ Oberlin haters are all going to embrace forgiveness and not anger when they pummel her with their hateful words. Sort of like this lover who responded on the original post:

This hippocritical bitch should be public beat to death or better yet,turned over to any 100 of the thousands whose lives she helped ruin with her holier than thou bullshit,and let them deal with her.It would be too much to ask for that the system will subject her to the full extent of the law.They will probably coddel her because of the income flow she helped create.

“Love ’em with hate,” should be the next motto on the Florida license plates.

Get crackin’, all you Floridian prisoners!

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